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Hello world!

on December 30, 2011

Well here is my grand introduction to blogging! I’ve kind of been interested for a little while but then I read a good friends blog and got inspired to try one myself. Thanks Teeny!

I figured the day before the last day of 2011 was as good a day as any to throw my life onto the worldwide web! And I already have one loyal follower , that is my wonderful husband Drew. Though I am not sure he was given a choice in the matter, as I do believe there was a line in our wedding vows about faithfully reading thy spouses blog 🙂 Though we joke about those vows a lot, as both of us were so nervous we couldn’t possibly tell you what we promised each other that day. This has come in very handy when I need to ad-lib a vow for my own benefit !!

Anyways I start school back January 3rd 😦 so no more lounging around the house catching up on my fiction reading and perusing the internet to my hearts content. It will get very hectic as the majority of my time (90%) will be spent with my nose in a nursing book and the rest (10%) showering, eating, sleeping and exchanging a quick word with my family. My husband has been amazing throughout my endeavor to become a nurse, and I could not have possibly made it this far without him. He knows that when there is a test coming up, at least every other week, that the only talking we will be doing will be over flashcards that he tirelessly drills me with. What a good man I have found and how lucky I am that he has decided to spend his life with me.

I also have another man in my life, though I think my husband knows . . My son Maddox. He is six and rotten to the core as I like to say. I also describe him as “wild enough to shoot at” though once one person actually asked me if I had shot at him? really? Has no one heard this expression? Though he is quite stinky sometimes, as little boys generally are (must be all the puppy dog tails) he is an amazing kid and will do amazing things! He is smart and funny and incredibly cute. Though not too athletically inclined he excels in Science and can name all the states of matter! He also knows his way around a car from his many adventures at Drew’s families body shop. Before he was 2 he could identify more parts on a car then I could! He also learned at that time how to pick out a mustang and corvette  just by looking at taillights as they are mommy and daddy’s favorite cars. His name is perfectly befitting of him as he is usually Mad! He is all Drew on the outside and all me on the inside. Since we are both more stubborn then on ox Drew usually has to step in a  diffuse the situation. He is very easy going and laid back and quite the opposite of stubborn. His mother regals me with tales of this ideal child who was quiet and meek and always did as he was told . . *Sigh* While Sandy tells me horror stories of temper tantrums and basically hanging from the ceiling fan while maniacally laughing as my childhood 🙂

Maybe the next time we add to the Phillips family collection we can get one that is all me on the outside and all Drew on the inside 🙂 But all kidding aside we definitely butt heads a lot because we are so strikingly similar. it is only after you become a parent that  you start to appreciate all the hard work your parents must have done while raising you. 


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