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And finally the best parts of my year . . .My Family

on December 31, 2011

This had been a good year for our family. I am almost done with school, Maddox is doing great in the 1st grade, Drew is rocking the body shop and we all had a spectaular Christmas. So here is a look back at 2011 from the Phillips Family


My 25th birthday with my super awesome whale cake from my wonderful husband!

Our Winter Adventure Weekend at Carter Caves


My hubby’s birthday where he was rewarded for his general awesomeness with an xbox 360!

Our trip to columbus for Maddox’s hernia surgery 😦 and COSI. Don’t worry, all went well and we made the best of it 🙂


Maddox got bunk beds to share with his stinky, hairy brother Gatsby

Our trip to the Cincinnati Museum


Maddox finds the golden egg for a special surprise on easter

Gatsby replaces my husband while he is away fishing in the mountains


off to Churchill Downs for Derby week

Maddox making Camo paint at Pottery Place


Our family vacation in Florida

Maddox goes to camp invention


Gatsby becomes paranoid someone is out to get him

Maddox makes a mobile lemonade stand


I catch Gatsby’s paranoia

Gatsby was right to be paranoid as he is soon buried in the great pillow avalanche of 2011


Maddox has the greatest spy party anyone has ever had in the history of birthdays

Maddox rides his bike with no training wheels!!


Maddox takes some poly juice potion and morphs into Harry Potter

Drew runs for the 1st Zombie president

My cat grows a beard

Our pumpkins become cannibals


We visit the Smokey mountains

We conquer Clingman’s Dome in the Smokey Mountains


we spend time with family enjoying the good things in life like self-inflating whoopie cushions 🙂

and lastly we had the best Christmas ever!!

To you and yours Happy New Year!!


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  1. Stacy Roberts says:

    Love it

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