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Best Movies of 2011

on December 31, 2011

Alright there is one movie I saw this year that far surpassed anything else . .

Best movie of the year hands down!!!!

Just thinking about this movie gives me goosebumps! To those of you who didn’t see it, this is your assignment for the next week. This movie come out on the 3rd so you better get your hands on a copy. This movie is so scary because it is extremely plausible! It’s a virus that is passed from animals to humans (much like H1N1) and it’s not till the end of the movie that you find out how extremely easy it is for these viruses to emerge. Being a nursing student and a germaphobe it’s easy to see how easily something like this could be spread and how impossibly hard it would be to contain. Also most of you know this is my favorite genre in books and  to see it play out on film with a impressive cast (including my favorite actress Kate Winslet) was a major treat. That’s it, i’m not giving anything else out. Just see the movie and prepare to be terrified!

Being an old married lady I found this movie utterly hilarious! My favorite part  was  when bateman’s character was trying to teach the reynolds character about sex with his wife. Reynolds was asking what he should do if batemans wife wanted to have sex with him. Bateman confirmed the day was  Tuesday and say don’t worry about it. Reynolds was confused by this “schedule for sex” as he is a bachelor. He said “what is this, I can’t sleep with my wife and I can’t sleep  with anyone else?” Bateman replies “it’s marriage”. HAHAHA. This movie actually portrayed marriage in a very touching way and being a bachelor as a lot less glamorous then most married guys like to imagine it is. Which is why it was obviously written by a married man 🙂 Kudos to the married folks!

This movie was also a very real portrayal of married life, though I can imagine no one I know granting a hall-pass to their husbands, it was very funny to see what would happen if one did! I had so many favorite parts of this movie it would be hard to go through them all, but i’ll get you a brief overview. I loved the marriage advice about how our husbands all assume that if we weren’t holding them back they would be banging every hot lady they saw!! ahahhaha so true! And the first night they were at applebees and decided to turn in early to be better prepared for the next  night, oh what time is it you ask? 9:30 pm!! I also loved the part on the golf course with the “special brownies” hahaha!! I laughed so hard during this movie I cried!!

oh yes, bit ashamed  to admit this but I am on the Twilight bandwagon, so . .

Great movie! And this was my favorite book of the series so I was pretty excited for the movie. I was a little annoyed by all the super enthused fans who kept loudly shouting out lines before the actors could even utter them, but I guess you’ll have that with this series. I did love the movie although like all books converted to movies I will always prefer the book.

RIO!! This movie was the best movie my son dragged me to all year. Super cute with a great cast! My favorite being the drooling bulldog that Tracy Morgan portrayed. Oh and the songs were incredibly catchy, which is probably why i’m humming one now 🙂 You should definitely see this movie with your family as young and old alike will enjoy it!

I finally just last week saw this movie and I was extremely impressed! I read the final book in 2007 but had seen none of the movies till this year when my family had a Harry Potter marathon. Maddox only got to see the first 2 till they got too scary and he was banned from HP till he got older. This movie was great and I was very satisfied with the ending as as I am a sucker for happy endings.

This movie didn’t get much hype because it wasn’t a happy love story, but that’s exactly why I liked it. It was real. It was depressing but it was real and i’m glad someone was brave enough to throw that out there. Also they couldn’t have picked a better couple.

I loved this movie so much I watched it twice in one day! I almost didn’t watch it because Steff told me she didn’t like it. When I later criticized her for her bad taste in movies she told me I have “dude humor” which basically means I find farts funny. I adamantly denied this by stating “That’s not true I don’t find farts funny . . . well except for that one time . . . Oh My God I do have dude humor!!!” Well what do you expect? I live in a house full of farting boys who giggle and announce it every time they have this bodily function 🙂 Anyways this movie was my kind of chick flick!! Kristin and Maya were such a funny duo and I honestly wondered if this isn’t exactly how my wedding planning would have turned out had we had a bigger wedding haha!

Holy crap prepare to have your mind blown with this movie! And if you did not have your mind blown you should precede to watch Shutter Island also with Leo Decap, and then if you still don’t have your mind blown, well then I think you may be SOL. This movie was great and kind of made my head hurt, which is characteristic of a good movie right?

and the last one i’m putting on the list is . .

I can totally identify with the lead character in this movie as I tend to have a case of  “The Golden Years”, and tend to believe that another decade was better than the current one. What do you guys think? Is there a decade you feel you were better suited to be a part of?

Well that’s all i’ve got for top movies. I am sure there are plenty more but honestly in my mind absolutely nothing could top Contagion so I really can’t go any further with this list. What about you guys, what are your favorite movies from 2011?


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