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Best Video Games of the Year

on December 31, 2011

With 2011 coming to a close I have decided to include a list of all the “bests” of 2011.


Alright first we will start with the best video games I played in 2011


Fable 3 for X-box was such a great game! Drew informs me it is of the RPG variety and I must say I got pretty into it. You get to work very hard and make all these promises to people so they will make you their queen. Then once queen you decide whether to keep the promises you made. The catch is each promise further depletes the stores of gold you need to protect your village from an attack from evil forces, something the village people don’t know about. So in the end I kept all my promises but most of my village died in the attack šŸ˜¦ Oh well, it was still a great game, so much so I had to seek out Fable 2 and play it as well. It was also a great game though I must say IĀ preferredĀ the latter version.


The next game was Alice:Madness returns. This was on PS3 and was an extremely dark version of Alice in Wonderland (i.e not for the kiddies). When I got my copy of the game it came with a free download of American McGee’s original Alice, but I found the graphics much to outdated to be of any interest to me. The game was great, my favorite level being the underwater level with the walrus and the carpenter. Mainly there were puzzles and mini games to play to advance though it did include some hand to hand combat. I, not being an avid gamer, set my game to the “easy” version and still found it too difficult to complete. Though i’m sure many others would have no problems beating the “bosses” in this game.

Remember when I said the game was dark? Well it turns out Alice is in some sort of home for mentally deranged kiddos. Apparently her whole family was lost in a house fire and needless to say she is having a hard time getting over it. So she has created an alternate reality in “wonderland” and regularly shifts back and forth between, making it sometimes difficult to keep up. All in all it is a great game, just probably not for children.


This was probably my most favorite game of the year. It was a perfect mix of useless trivia and sarcasm, which are basically my 2 favorite things! I played this game on DS though I bet it would have been better as a party game played on wii or PS3. This game isĀ hilarious!! Ā I honestly couldn’t recommend it enough! The questions aren’t just regular trivia questions either. They are questions wrapped in riddles. So you don’t just answer the question, you need to figure out the riddle too. Though i’m sorry if i’m making this game sound complicated, it is certainly not. It’s just extremely funny and an all around awesome game!


Well that’s all for the games I played, sorry i’m not much of a gamer so there are very few games I can actually get into. Also to play a game that means I have to wrestle the controller from my husbands hands to play, which is not an easy feat šŸ™‚



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