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Super Creeped Out!!

on January 1, 2012

So me and the hubby just got finished watching Insidious for the first time! Wow that was a creepy movie! I think we probably had a few mini heart attacks, but who’s concerned with their cardiac health when watching a good scary movie? Obviously not us! It’s not that the movie was such a creepy idea, I mean it was, but I can’t say it’s the scariest movie i’ve ever seen. It just had such an intense jump factor. I swear at one point Drew had to ask me to stop rocking myself back and forth as I was causing him to spill his drink. I stopped the rocking and tried to be brave but the next time we saw that creepy red-faced demon I resorted to the ultimate comfort, fetal position! To which he asked me if I planned to stay like that the entire night, I informed him I did. You can’t believe how hard it is to type from the fetal position . . .

And now with every light in the house on and all scary noises to be investigated by the husband alone, I am off to greater and more useful things. I plan to reorganize our finances. I read this great book last year called Debt Proof Your Marriage  by Mary Hunt

I know . . I know . . .total self help book. But I, being a rather gullible being, jumped right on the life-changing bandwagon! Anyways, I won’t bore you with all the catchy steps but it is a great and I think useful book. It also turns out she has a website you can join for a small fee where she will guide you through each step. And though me and the hubs excel at other things (video games are a talent right?) we do need some guidance in the financial department. We plan to purchase our first house by the end of the year, 2012 will be the year of financial crunching(whatever that is)!

So with that said I’m off to start down the little green road to financial prosperity . . .


One response to “Super Creeped Out!!

  1. Stacy Roberts says:

    Never seen the movie, but I love that book. I have a few of her books..Now if I could just follow the steps she has in them..lol

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