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Busy Busy Busy

on January 3, 2012

Well It has been a busy few days and tomorrow is shaping up to be even busier.

Tomorrow I am having my 2 best friends over for dinner and to meet a new little one (my nephew, I claimed him, that’s how that works right?). Still unsure of what were cooking . . but don’t worry i’ve got dessert covered. . it’s kind of my specialty. Had planned to make Tiramisu but the daylight kind of ran out on me. Though you will be happy to know that there was enough time for me to hit up the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale!! It was awesome! It was like Christmas all over 🙂

Also I checked out the new store in the Ashland Town Center Crazy 8, it’s a children’s clothing store that’s from Gymboree only actually affordable!! They were having a great sale too, everything in the store was 11.99 or less, no matter what! So I snagged some jackets and long-sleeved tees for Maddox and a jacket and cute little polka dot vest (regular 39.99 and I got it for 11.99!!) for my niece Serenity! It is a really great store and I am super excited to have one in the Ashland Town Center now! They have also added a Wet Seal (which has very affordable women’s clothes)  and of course the Toys R’ us Express is there too. Now if we could only get a Target i’d be all set!

Started school back today 😦 so I won’t be having as much time to share all my wisdom with you fine people (hahaha) But I will try to make as much time as I can. Better go for now though as my husband is turning off lights and turning on fans so I guess it’s bedtime?

till next time . .


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