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The case of the sadly misunderstood mushroom . .

on January 6, 2012

Well . . well. . .well

Back to school time and I have already been very, very busy! I did have time to throw a very small and casual dinner party (My first ever!!), and it went great. Well there were some issues with a certain someone’s mashed potatoes and we know who we are 😉 And there was the case of the incredibly delicious yet totally misunderstood mushroom that was shunned from many a plate, though not mine of course. All in all it went very well, and after dinner we got to play an awesome tournament of Bezzerwizzer. Which I don’t mean to brag but i’m kind of known as the ultimate reining champion. This time, though, I lost. But you know sometimes you just have to let others win or they will get suspicious of you and try to steal your super awesome brain! So I gracefully accepted defeat and escaped with awesome brain intact 🙂

Anyways I got to claim a new nephew, who is mighty cute I might add, and made sure and did the ‘good aunt’ duty and fully loading him up on sugar and sending him home with mommy and daddy (insert evil laugh here). Now me and Steff are battling it out to see who is the most awesome of aunts (which is kind of totally me, but don’t tell Steff that). We bought our new nephew a totally cute cookie monster cake . .

Which we then preceded to let him dig in to with only his fingers hahaha! It was great. He got his first taste of sugar and then got this look in his eyes filled with a great realization of the wonderful things he had been missing out on, like you know . . sugar! It was very cute.

Also watched a new movie .

It’s about a highly dysfunctional family and one of the siblings writes a tell-all book that slams his family members and they all get mad. . blah blah blah . . The only reason I really watched it was because it was starring “Dexter” (Michael c. Hall) and I just couldn’t resist seeing him in a non-serial killer role.

I’m also listening to a great new audio book . . The Stolen Child by Keith Donahue

It’s about a whole world of underground “changlings” who follow kids and then morph their body into an exact replica of a kid and take it’s place, thus making the changling a “child” and the child a “changling”. This is actually my second time reading this, it is just a really great book. It’s told from the perspective of the child who is impersonating the real child and the child who was turned into a changling. Really makes you wonder if your kid might have been kidnapped and replaced . . .  nah couldn’t be, the changlings are actually pretty well behaved 🙂

Being back to the grind in nursing school isn’t nearly as exciting as i’d hoped. It’s really difficult to make myself work this hard after having such a long and luxurious Christmas break.  Ahh . . being an adult and all the responsibilities it entails . .

On a very happy note it is T-7 days till my birthday!!! Yay!! I can’t tell you how old I will be as that is top-secret, uber-classified info. But I can tell you it’s going to be awesome! My wonderful husband is taking me to my favorite restaurant to enjoy a heaping plate of smoked salmon sushi, this being the only thing I will be sad to forgo while pregnant, so I must eat my weight in it until that day comes 🙂 I also plan to buy a fancy dress and maybe even have a glass of wine, that is, if I am capable of staying awake past 10 o’clock 🙂 I am also getting an awesome cake with my favorite thing on it . . .a killer whale . .you know . . like free willy? . . nevermind . . Anyways it’s going to be awesome and i’m ordering the cake from my new favorite bakery  (and trust me I know bakeries!) Nibbler’s Nook off route 60. She has the best cakes you could possibly imagine, in fact she was the one who made Maddox’s Spy party cake. But as you could imagine I am quite excited!!

Well I believe it’s off to dreamland for me, But I plan to drop at least one blog this weekend. I’m going to make a list of my top favorite books ever.

oh and did everyone do their homework?


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