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Maddox’s basketball debut

on January 7, 2012

Today is Maddox’s first ever Basketball game and we are all very excited here at the Phillips household. It is at one o’clock if anyone wants to go they should cal me and I’ll give them directions.

We are also leaving in about an hour to meet aunt Steffy at Kyova mall where apparently there is a grand reptile display today. So of course being Science related I was in no questions asked. I then realized i had to ask Maddox as this was supposedly all for him 🙂 But once he found out at Steffy was going he said he was in. I said oh you like Aunt Steffy then? He said “yeah of course I love her, she’s part of the family!” This made me smile. Sometime the very best aunts are one you choose yourself :)I’ve already decided me and Steffy will be friends at least till were in retirement homes. I picture us sitting on the front porch of some nursing home and critiquing all the young ladies who walk by in all too revealing clothes. We’ll say things like “Can you believe what they’re wearing?!” and “When I was there age I would have never dressed like that! I had common decency!” When in all truth we were probably once those girls dressing inappropriately, in fact I know we were! Hahaha

Anyways after both those things we have to go to a little girl’s birthday party that Maddox goes to school with. Children’s birthday parties are probably one of the worst ways to spend your free time. Me and Drew tend to try to bargain or rock paper scissors ourselves out of them while making the other take Maddox, as he is still too young to be left at a party alone. It never works. I have the mentality that if I have to suffer, so do you! Hahaha! They’re not to bad if you know the people but if you have to spend 2 hours making polite conversation with someone you would never even talk to of your own accord, oh and not mention doing all this over cold pizza and birthday cake that you would rather not waste your calories on, it makes for a pretty crappy afternoon. Did I mention you have to pay admission, in the form of a $15-20 toy! But of course Maddox loves them and since we love him sometimes you just have to throw yourself under the bus just to see your kid laugh 🙂 Well and of course theres the golden rule . .

“You come to my child’s birthday party and I am thus contractually obligated to go to you child’s birthday party only in the same school year, when if not redeemed by that time it will become null and void.”

And it just so happened that Maddox had a super amazing birthday party this year and we had a high turnout so I have signed myself up for a lot of crappy parties this year 😦 Next year I’ll think that through.

But I guess i’m off to get ready and go meet aunt Steffy for the great reptile exhibit. I will let you all know how Maddox’s first attempt at public B-ball went and if you do not hear from me I was probably devoured by the reptiles so I expect a grand ceremony celebrating my total awesomeness and how I died a hero and blah blah blah . .:)


3 responses to “Maddox’s basketball debut

  1. Kristine says:

    Am I not going to be there at the retirement home with you two? Lol

    • Steff says:

      No, you will not. This is only because your family will tolerate you enough to keep you around. Ours will quickly send us into one the moment they get the chance 🙂 Love you Teeny!

  2. lesalu says:

    ahh of course you will be Teeny, it’s just you are much too sweet and quiet to sit on the front porch and criticize young hoochies, You’ll probably be inside baking the troubled teens cookies 🙂 But we’ll meet up for happy hour at the nursing home!

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