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Hot Tub (no) Time Machine

on January 8, 2012

Well aside from the earlier chaos of the missing tooth, today has been a rather uneventful day, which is just the way I like them.

We spent most of the day trying to find out how to clean a hot tub? Most online sites offer all this very expensive and “special” detergent for hot tubs but I found  some advice about just using dishwashing detergent and then bleach and then rinsing. But apparently you have to do this twice a month! We don’t even use the hot tub that much! Oh well, after spending most of my day tending to that, ruining a pair of pants from the bleach and coming severely close to passing out from all the noxious fumes, I believe I finally have a clean hot tub, though sadly, no time machine 😦

I also have been trying a few new recipes as we are getting desperate for anything new. I tried chicken and dumplings for the first time friday and it was great! I was very proud. And today I made homeade chicken pot pie and 3-cheese stuffed mushrooms (to satisfy my insatiable appetite for mushrooms) and rosemary roasted red potatoes. I can always tell when i’m dreading doing school work because I spend the day doing terrible things, but hey at least i’m not doing school work right? Anyways all food turned out good and so far noone has come down with food poisoning so good job Lesa!!

Also you will all be happy to know that obviously I was not devoured by wild reptiles on saturday, thanks for the concern :)It was actually a reptile expo where breeders would gather and try to sell their reptiles. I never realized I had a deep-rooted fear of reptiles until I paid the $6 admission, and then it was very clear. It’s not so much the reptiles themselves as it is the general slithering motion they make. I am also very afraid of spiders and I seem to have passed this off to Maddox 😦 I try really hard to explain to him that they don’t bite and they won’t hurt you so he won’t be afraid, but it’s a lost cause. So once I realized I had a snake fear I was bound and determined not to pass it on to Maddox as well. Problem is this meant I actually had to touch a snake! So while talking about how cool they were and barely grazing it with my fingertips Maddox saw I wasn’t afraid and did the same. On the inside I was totally freaking out! But I kept my cool and encouraged him. Well my brilliant plan to be a great mom backfired, badly. Guess who wants a pet snake now . . . .

After regaining my composure we were off to Maddox’s first basketball game. In the locker room the coach spent the 5 pre-game minutes going over complex plays even I found difficult to follow. At the end of this he asks “So everyone follow me?” and one kid said “I have no idea what your saying” and then it was off to play basketball. It went decent for a child who hadn’t even seen a basketball till this year. He spent a surprising amount of time in the game. Problem is he had zero interest in playing. Most of the time he spent staring dreamily off the court probably thinking about monster trucks and mario kart.

He had the ball once for a little while and he did great while dribbling and running, which I remind you is not an easy task. Afterwards I asked him what he thought. He said “I hated it, the coach kept yelling things like ‘Maddox rebound!'” which he only partially understands. Make no mistake, my kid is brilliant! In fact he is in the next room learning the basic concept of gravity as we speak, he is just not athletically inclined. Which is totally fine with me. Athleticism is absolutely the last thing either I or Drew were ever known for. I just wanted him to try it, who knows he may have been a ‘closet michael jordan’, that concept is much less likely after yesterday. Problem is he says he hates it and wants to quit but I am struggling with quitting vs. wasting time doing something he hates. Steff has promised to practice with Maddox, as she is a former basketball star, and I am hoping that the better he gets the more he will like the game.

And lastly the b-day party. It was stuffed full of screaming kids getting all sugared up and running around like crazy, clearly utterly miserable. But after 2 hours of headache-inducing “birthday fun” and awkward small talk, it was finally time to go. Once we got Maddox out the door and into the car he proclaimed with a big smile on the his face that “this was the best day ever!” and suddenly everything was worth it 🙂


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