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The case of the disappearing tooth . .

on January 8, 2012

Well one Phillips family member is minus one tooth as of about an hour ago!

At approximately 8:20 pm on Sunday January 8th Maddox lost his very first tooth! It had been loose for awhile and we had been encouraging him to wiggle it. I finally convinced him today to eat an apple and that it would probably pull it out. And believe it or not I was right! Problem is the tooth quickly when MIA. We have searched the entire house! I even had to dig through the garbage looking for the tooth, I found the apple but no tooth 😦 After about a 20 minute top to bottom search of our house we officially declared the tooth missing. If any person has any information on the whereabouts of said tooth they should contact the Phillips family as a minimal reward is being offered . . .

Drew swears he must have swallowed the tooth, which I was very worried about. I imagined intestines being ripped up from the sharp edge of his tooth, but after a few frantic phone calls and google searches we have come to determine that this is a rather normal occurrence and we should not worry.

The only problem is that this is his first tooth and we don’t even get to keep it 😦 It should be expected though as these hilarious misadventures always seem to befell us. Oh well, the high

point is there is always a story to tell around here 🙂                        


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