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Birthday cake is in the air . .

on January 11, 2012

The time has come. . .my favorite time of the year. . . My birthday!! I am so very excited! My wonderful husband is taking me to my favorite restaurant and I bought a new dress so we’re going to get all dressed up! I am also getting a killer whale birthday cake which I am very excited about, in fact I’ve told anyone who would listen! But with birthdays comes a time to reminisce about all the birthdays that brought you to this one. Now I have had a slew of very unfortunate birthdays that I would rather not call to mind, but I’ve also had a great deal of spectacular ones. And so I’ve decided to compile a list of my top favorite birthdays . .

My favorite childhood birthdays

Now memories from this time are relatively fuzzy so I can only pick out bits and pieces of my parties from then. I remember seeing pictures of an Alice in Wonderland cake which just so happens to still be one of my very favorite things, so I have to put it on the list.

The only birthday I remember was a dinosaur party which I was absolutely obsessed with as a child, yes I was a nerd, haven’t we already established that? 🙂 Anyways I snuck in my parents closet and found all the dinosaurs for my cake and was so happy, that’s about the extent of my memory.

When I was a teenager my favorite party was my 16th. It was probably one of the best I’ve had. I was living with my aunt at the time and she let me have about 5 people over for a sleep over. We stayed up late doing  things teenage girls do like talking about boys, playing truth or dare and cutting each others hair. The last of which was a terrible idea! Me and Steff became this hair-cutting duo throughout high school and actually convinced people we could cut hair. We actually cut 3 people’s hair in our short-lived career! All 3 people then required a professional redo, as should be expected. We hadn’t a clue what we were doing, but we didn’t know that, and it seems no one else did either, that is until we were done 🙂 Anyways we cut poor Teeny’s hair.In my defense when I  pictured it in my head it was really pretty, problem is when we tried to apply this to her hair the results were disastrous! In the front it was a bob and the back kinda long, I think? I’m sure she remembers exactly how it looked as it was on her head, but I think this is one of those memories I blocked out. Anyways I am sorry Teeny, as is Steff and this is not the reason this party was the best, it’s just an incredibly funny story!

The party itself was great! My dad and grandparents came in from Ohio and my mom was there and my 2 favorite cousins/big sisters were there and posted signs up all over the town proclaiming it was my birthday. I also had a super awesome cake. I asked specifically for a yellow corvette as this was my dream car at the time. The cake actually had a yellow beetle, but cake-making ladies aren’t know for their ability to make specific car models out of frosting 🙂 It was just a really happy time and I remember there being a lot of people there just to celebrate my birthday, it’s one of the only times I’ve ever felt that special.

After that it’s kind of been hit/miss. 18 was not so good, 21 was even worse! But since I’ve been married they have all been wonderful! Last year Drew took the time to order me a cake and surprised me by putting a whale on the cake, which was so sweet! Though I’m sure the cake ladies gave him odd looks and probably even questioned him on his choice. “Now are you really sure you want to put a whale on your wife’s birthday cake?” “Do you think you are sending the right message here?” Hahaha.

I am over the moon excited about my birthday and cannot wait to see what friday brings . . . .

p.s if I find any pics of Teeny’s haircut I just may have to post them 🙂 ahahaha just kidding, though they would be very useful as blackmail . . .


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