Lesa Lu

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The mysterious realm of Wal-Mart

on January 11, 2012

So today I had to go into Wal-mart, I needed trash bags, that was it. Now normally when I go into wal-mart and I need one thing I always wind up with so much stuff I actually end up needing a buggy! I don’t understand it. Do they pump some kind of chemical into the air vents that overrides all you logic and compels you to buy things you never even knew you needed?

Well I waked in with complete tunnel vision and went straight to the trash bags isle. I looked at none of the flashy end caps or sugared sweets. I got what I needed and went straight to the checkout. Suddenly I was feeling very smug with myself. Then I hit a road block. I had to wait in line, just a little one, but long enough that I started to look around. I tried to focus my attention strictly on the person in front of me but kept finding myself drifting back to the gum and candy. I suddenly felt an uncontrollable urge to buy gum. I mean you don’t understand, like I had to have this gum. If I didn’t leave the store with this gum I didn’t know what would happen. I thought I had made it, that I had accomplished an impossible feat. I would have been the first person ever to make it out of wal-mart with only the thing I needed and nothing else! But then . . . I bought the gum and left the store 🙂


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