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100th day is here

on January 12, 2012

Tomorrow is Maddox’s 100th day of school and in honor of that, at least at his school, they have to do a project including 100 somethings. For instance, last year we got a poster board and got 100 googly eyes all different sizes. This actually turned out much creepier than I had imagined. 100 eyes staring at you, even if they are fake, is a little unsettling . .

Anyways this year we did a collage of 100 of his favorite things. He has oranges, chocolate milk, his baby cousins, his favorite aunts, birthday cake, cars 2, popcorn and candy and monster trucks and tornadoes. But you could not possibly imagine how hard it was to get out of him the 100 things he likes. It can certainly be compared to medieval torture. And so I have to decided to make my own list of 100 of my favorite things, it couldn’t possibly be that hard right . . .

1. My family

2. Best friends that are like family

3. Watermelon

4. Scary movies

5. Drive-inns

6. Pomegranate lemonade

7. Internet access, with which to greet all my royal subjects! ahaha

8. Birthday cake

9. My birthday especially

10. Halloween

11. Zombies

12. Apocalypse themed literature

13. hmm getting harder . . . Homeade lemonade!

14. Killer whales

15. Creedance clearwater revival

16. umm . . . reading, yeah reading

17. my dog

18. my cat (see how I split that up? not just “my pets” I seperated them to get another thing on my list, work smarter not harder!)

19. pearls

20. cold stone’s oreo ice cream

21. corvette’s

22. the color teal

23. florida

24. rap music

25. Woodstock, the movie and the event

26. wow this is actually  kind of difficult . . . . the letter “L”

27. Clean socks

28. snow

29. but not snow on the road unless it’s a  . . .

30. snow days!!!

31. down comforters

32. the beach (see thats different then just florida, uh huh there’s that smart thing again 🙂

33. best friends, wait did I say that already?

34. dressing up

35. wow ummm . . the number 5!

36. friday the 13th, not the movie but the actual event

37. thunderstorms

38. gatlinburg, tn


40. saving money

41. coupons!!

42. clean socks, yeah so I already put that on there, those are really great though so they get to be on there twice!

43. hmmm . . . . um sunshine?

44. crap, no not actual crap but wait, the fake dog crap is pretty funny . .

45. sunsets, see that’s different then sunshine, like totally different

46. the ocean, once again totally different then the beach, this is the ocean not to include the beach uh huh!

47. cake, not just the birthday kind, but the non-birthday kind, that’s a thing right?

48. mario

49. Pan-Am

50. Stephen King

51. reading other people’s blogs

52. avoiding doing homework by doing things like this, or like laundery, wait a minute . .

53. laundery! wow, this is really a terrible list . .

54. Hibachi’s

55. Valentine’s day? I just really like to see the colors red and pink together, they belong together you know?

56. sleeping in

57. Santana

58. steve miller band

59. Bezzerwizzer

60. “You don’t know jack” the DS game

61. coke in a glass bottle

62. oranges

63. when it’s really windy out

64. my license plate!!

65. carving pumpkins

66. chocolate

67. wine

68. did I say clean socks? because really you just can’t beat clean socks!

69. the year 1969

70. the 70’s

71. satin sheets

72. the history channel

73. netflix!

74. MAD magazine

75. the Simpson’s

76. Apocalypse week on the History channel!!

77. Joel McHale

78. Is it too soon to say clean socks again . . .

79. earl grey tea

80. hot baths on winter days

81. all whales, not just the killer kind

82. a clean house without having to clean it, that is unless i’m trying to avoid homework . . .

83. Teen mom, yeah, there I said it!!

84. all disney movies, especially . . .

85. Alice in Wonderland!!

86. Across the Universe

87. The Beatles music

88. babies. .

89. okay this is a lot harder than it looks. . . don’t tell Maddox

90. sushi

91. memory foam pillows

92. birthday presents!!!

93. Boy meets World, totally random I know . .

94. speaking of totally random . . I Love Lucy!

95. taking pictures

96. writing

97. spending the whole day watching movies on the couch with my husband!

98. taking my wonderful son to see the whales at Sea World for the first time!

99. chinese food and finally . . .

my number one favorite thing . . .

clean soc  . . . . ha ha just joking it’s Mac and Cheese!!

see you guys tomorrow on the most awesome day of the year . . . .

and don’t forget to put cookies out tonight for Lesa’s birthday eve 🙂


One response to “100th day is here

  1. Angel says:

    LOL! great Lesa!

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