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Coffee pot Conundrum and other cleaning mishaps . .

on January 20, 2012

Alright I would really like to know what’s going on here. Is there some kind of secret club that meets regularly to teach a ‘how to’ class on all of life’s little mysteries? I must admit i’m feeling a little out of the loop. You see I just learned several days ago that you must clean your coffee pot monthly. Theres even a secret way to clean it with vinegar. When I mentioned this to my neighbor hoping to get an outraged reply at this ‘little known secret’, he says “Oh yeah, I just did that last week.”

Oh I’m sorry I must have missed that class. Not only that but I missed the hot tub cleaning class, the how to use bobby pins class and the washing machine cleaning class. Really, you regularly clean your washing machine? Jeez, I just can’t shake the feeling that there is a group of women that meets regularly (we’ll say monthly), at a little party (like the old-time Tupperware parties) and gives each other lessons on how to do this and that. I mean I know I’m young and I’m new to this whole ‘family’ thing but I feel so lost and excluded. If no one would like to come forth with the secret location to these awesome parties I am going to show you all and have my own party! Problem is I have very few skills to share. I can make a mean tiramisu, but that’s one of the only marketable skills I have. 😦 So I must rely on the knowledge of friends and family I suppose, until I get my much sought after invitation to this apparently very exclusive club . . .

One thing I have learned is how having a few years of marriage under your belt defiantly changes your relationship. We are no longer in ‘the honeymoon phase‘. We are more in the what I like to call ‘I do not believe he will ever learn that the floor is not our laundry basket but I will continue to remind him in a gently nagging way‘ phase 🙂 We do not have the passionate fights of our first year (it was certainly full of highs and lows), now we have playful fights full of teasing. I tease him on things like his ‘politician opinion’ on everything from which way the winds blows to the postal service. And he teases me on . . . well . . .nothing cause I’m totally awesome!! Haha just kidding. Mine is usually about how I fold the blanket on our couch a certain way and tend to not so much like it when he does it THE WRONG WAY. Now he has tried to explain to me why his way of folding is better, but I then explained to him that that is simply not the case. I then remind him that when you love someone you sometimes just have to convert for them, and in this case that applies to blanket folding 🙂

On a much sadder note I would like to inform everyone that all the whale birthday cake is gone 😦 Attention potential home raiders, I repeat all of the awesome whale birthday cake is gone!! It was a very lovely birthday however and I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family who cared so much to make my birthday such a special day!

Well nursing school on the other hand is trudging by. Week 3 is now complete only 7 more to go! 2 clinicals are down and I only have a few more times I will need to put on my not so cute and very obvious ‘nursing student’ uniform. I swear once I take off the white and green ‘student scrubs’ and put on any regular scrubs people automatically assume I know what I’m doing. Now this is totally the opposite of the reaction I get in the student scrubs.

Well folks I’m off to bed, this girl woke up far to early for Pediatrics clinical and I am simply beat. After a good nights sleep I will post more, hopefully more coherent blogs 🙂

Wow just realized that without spell check I’m basically illiterate, that’s a comforting tought, opps I mean thought 🙂


3 responses to “Coffee pot Conundrum and other cleaning mishaps . .

  1. Stacy Roberts says:

    lol..thank you , been waiting for a blog..I dont have very many secret cleaning solutions, but heres one for ya:
    Coca-Cola is very good at cleaning up blood spots, and is often used in the States to clean blood of from the roads after an accident!

    Coca-Cola can be used to remove grease from clothes! It’s as simple as emptying a can of coke into a load of greasy clothes, adding the detergent, and run through a regular cycle.

    Now you have a few more cleaning things to add to your monthly group 🙂

  2. tracy says:

    hey so glad you posted, i found a good tip out last summer if you get ink on your favorite piece of clothing use hairspray. Spray it on the ink spot and then wash as normal, will come right out. I was so excite when i found this out..

  3. lesalu says:

    That’s exciting about coca cola and blood, I didn’t know how to get that out. See why we need to meet monthly? 🙂

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