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A case of the dreaded -itis

on January 24, 2012

Well I’m sure you’ve all heard of a little thing called hypochondria, right? Well when you are a medical student learning about all these previously unheard of crazy diseases you tend to get a more severe form of this. That of which I like to call

Nursing Studentitis (inflammation of the self-diagnosing part of the brain)

And I’ve got it bad. You see I’ve always been borderline hypochondriac but when you learn about 10 or 12 new diseases a week it tends to exacerbate the disorder. Doesn’t matter what the disease is really.

Only affects men? Nope I’ve definitely got that!

Exists only in people who have visited Asia? Well I could have picked that up at the Chinese restaurant . .

Only affects people over the age of 50? Well I think I must have an extremely rare form of that . .

You see it’s not much of a problem until we delve into the symptoms.

Tired at night? Short of breath occasionally? Hungry? Itchy? Yes, yes, yes and YES!!

It seems each week it’s something new. Like a few months ago it was Emphysema. Doesn’t matter that it occurs in smokers who are usually 40 or over. I was slightly short of breath after a few steps and the wheels starting turning and BOOM! Nursing Studentitis has struck again 🙂

And Nursing Studentitis doesn’t just affect me. It has spread to everyone I come into contact with. Remember when my son possibly swallowed a tooth a few weeks ago? Well we just so happened to be talking about aspiration pneumonia the very next day and suddenly I was in fear that my son had aspirated his tooth into his lungs and was soon to acquire pneumonia and require surgical removal of said tooth! Right before I started to rush my son to the hospital my good friend Linda talked me off the ledge. “Well did he act like he aspirated it? Did he cough or choke?” “Well no  . . .” Okay so he didn’t have aspiration pneumonia, Linda was right. Probably not the best career for a germaphobe/hypochondriac huh?

Well I think it’s time for me to go. It seems my son has been reading his ‘top secret boy book’ and just learned that to keep girls out of your room you should get rid of all your cute fluffy stuff and put stinky underwear in it’s place. He just called me in there to test his theory. I glanced around at at least 5 pairs of underwear (hopefully clean but who knows? ) strewn all over his room while he giggled uncontrollably. Now it seems I have several pairs of underwear to clean up 🙂

Until next time . . .


One response to “A case of the dreaded -itis

  1. Stacy Roberts says:

    lol..to funny

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