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This is not a drill . . .

on January 26, 2012

I repeat this is not a drill! This is the real deal! Please grab all of your favorite belongings and head directly to the nearest fire exit!!

Oh did I mention that my kitchen stove just caught on fire?!

Here I am cooking dinner and minding my own business when all of a sudden I see flames shooting out from under my pan! I pause momentarily while I process the fact that we do not cook over fire and no this is not normal and then I proceed to freak out! I do however remember something deep in the recesses of my mind about how electricity + water = bad things so I do not use water. I try fanning it,since fanning a flame is something you should do? That did not work. I tried blowing on it and that kind of worked. Now that all is calm I wonder why I did not use baking soda as this is something a sane person would do. Well I can’t tell you that. Maybe somewhere in my subconscious I thought I didn’t want to waste my baking soda, as it is only slightly more expensive than dirt cheap. Or maybe I didn’t want to clean up the mess? Who knows what went through my mind. But after much blowing the fire did go out. Although from all the hard blowing I think I have messed up my ABG’s and headed into Respiratory Alkalosis (help me out fellow nursing students, is this right?) I now feel quite dizzy and out of breath.

Oh did I forget to mention that I was on the phone during this catastrophe? Well I was talking to my brother about god knows what when I realize there is fire, and that soon my entire kitchen might be on fire, I put down the phone. I wasn’t aware of this at the time but discovered this post-fire. I then pick up the phone (after all flames are extinguished of course) and hear my brother saying something with “she” in it. I start to feel warm fuzzies when I realize he must be very worried as this whole ordeal took several minutes, of which time he was on hold hearing me scream about fire and such. I wonder if he has called for a fire truck as this is something a caring brother might do. I take a deep breath and prepare to assure him that “no, we are ok” and “no, there is no need for a fire truck”. I say something and he says “Did you tell me to hold on?” I say “no, my kitchen was on fire so I imagine I said something like “oh shit my kitchen is on fire!”” “oh” he says and immediately launches back into whatever it was we were previously talking about. I then proceed to remind him that I was a little shook up as my kitchen was just on fire and so I needed to get off the phone and that hopefully he would understand. He complied only after shooting out a few last things he wanted me to do for him. Ah siblings . .

*Please note that flames were not nearly as large as they are appearing in your imagination thanks to my over dramatic description


One response to “This is not a drill . . .

  1. tracy says:

    glad it wasnt real bad and you are ok.

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