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Long time no see . .

on February 12, 2012

hello! It’s been an extremely long time it seems ๐Ÿ™‚ Nursing school + blogging is not proving to be as easy as I suspected. This is probably why there aren’t many student nurse bloggers!

Not to mention the hubs bday was friday so that didn’t leave much time for blogging. Well since I’ve been gone not much has happened. The derby car is almost done, just awaiting a final paint job and luckily has “required no new tools” ๐Ÿ™‚ Nursing school is proving to be quite hectic this quarter and it has made for some extremely frazzled nerves. Also gross hair. Too much stress and too little time = gross hair for Lesa!

On friday for my husband’s birthday we went to Great Wolf Lodge in Mason Ohio with the in-laws and it was pretty awesome! I did have to leave right after clinicals which was kinda crappy but after the long drive it was really nice! We went with Drew’s parents, Maddox and Serenity, our niece. We spent much of the night sipping on ruby relaxers and watching the kids run around like mad men. Then Serenity skinned her knee and the lifeguard brought her over to us and was asking if she wanted to go with him to get a bandaid, though it came out as “woo you lie go gee banbonaid?” as you can tell he was foreign, i’m thinking Italian? Anyways Donna (mother in-law) could not understand anything he said so he just so he walked away thinking we were following him. Then he comes back confused and says “You wan banbonaid no? I go get banbonaid for you.” It was pretty funny, though poor Serenity didn’t think so. Then a girl come over carrying a tackle box with a red cross on it to fix up the “booboo”. She was pretty efficient, she used alcohol and even disposed of the towel with blood instead of just putting it in with the dirtys. Which was pretty impressive I thought. Though a water park is kind of just a ย giant incubator for all kinds of atrocious germs, but at least you won’t have to worry about blood-borne!

There was also the running joke about CPR I used the entire night. Drew and I spent the trip up talking since in day-to-day life we don’t get a whole lot of time for that. Anyways I mentioned that now I know CPR and other various things I always look around for someone to collapse so I can run up, arms spread, screaming “it’s ok, I got this, I know CPR!!” This wouldn’t really happen but when you picture it in your head it is pretty hilarious. I imagine knocking people out of the way on my way to save a life, then I begin to preform CPR on someone who clearly doesn’t need it, while arguing with them that “Just calm down sir, yes you do need CPR, I’m a student nurse, I know, so lay back and let me do my thing!” ahahhaha!! These are the funny antedotes I imagine to get me through nursing school *

*Disclaimer: I will not ever preform CPR on someone that doesn’t truly need it except for in my head so relax ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyways after the “booboo” incident the in-laws took the children upstairs to give me and drew some alone time. It was nice, we spent most of it in the hot tub that was “age 21 and over”. Which is very nice now that I am 21 and older ๐Ÿ™‚ It was funny though because these children would stand down at the bottom of the steps beyond the gate reading ’21 and over only!’ and yell and wave at the parents, but they would absolutely, for no reason cross the threshold. I think they believed there was some kind of high-tech force field able to decipher age that would electrocute anyone 21 and younger on contact. I did nothing to dispel these rumors either. I may have actually fanned the flames by saying things like “wow it’s a good thing I’m over 21 or this would really hurt.” hahaha

After the hot tub we went and sat on the benches and just people watched, one of my favorite things. I told Drew that I make up stories to go with the people I see. Sometimes there more like observations though, such as “The lady wears the pants in that relationship!” “how can you tell?” he replies. “Well he is walking a good 7 feet behind her while pushing the stroller, and he has a kind of defeated expression on his face.” Haha Just kidding. Or something ย as simple as trying to figure out the back story in a group of people. Such as who is related, who is dating who, whose children are these? It is very fun and when you are bored I suggest you try it. And then let me know what my back story is ๐Ÿ™‚

The next day Drew woke us up at the crack of dawn to have cracker barrel for breakfast (which surprisingly has very few crackers/barrels) and then we all headed home. I was sad though that we didn’t get to go out to a fancy dinner and have birthday cake on his birthday. Maddox and his dandad (my father in-law) planned this trip for Drew. He wanted an ice cream cake from cold stone which was proving quite difficult to transport and store so we just decided to make up for it this week. We did go out for a fancy dinner saturday night at a HIbachi restaurant in Wheelersburg, which was very nice (Thanks Amy!) but we were both so tired from going out of town that there was no dressing up. He says he didn’t mind. Being a guy I don’t think he places nearly as much emphasis on spectacular birthday blowouts as I do ๐Ÿ™‚ But he did make out with some good presents. Maddox got him a chess set, which he had been wantingย and then I got him the Final Fantasy strategy guide he’s been needing and a black globe that spins that he had wanted at Things Remembered in the mall. If you know what Things Remembered is then you know they do engraving. So everything they sell comes with little plaques to engrave on. This proved to be quite the conundrum as I had no idea what to engrave on it. Engraving something you usually put something really mushy gushy, which I probably could have pulled off. Problem is it was on something that was going to be displayed on his desk so “I love you Droopy Poopy” wasn’t really going to fly. Well unless I hated him and wanted him to be made fun of without mercy by every man in the body shop. And since I do not hate him, but love him and care if he gets made fun of, I had to choose something else. The lady suggested something like “You mean the world to me” (on a globe, get it? haha) which suprisingly I was able to refrain from barfing on her shoes when she said that. I’m sorry. I love my husband very much and he knows that and sometimes I cheese it up but that was simply an unhealthly amount of cheesy for our relationship. So I decided to be funny, which Drew says I am halfway good at, sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚ So I went with “Would you just look at it?!” (If you don’t get it please go here) Although the lady thought I was incredibly weird for engraving this on something my husband loved it. I told him now everytime he looks at it he will laugh and feel better ๐Ÿ™‚

Let’s see . . what else have I been up too? Well I made a new recipe. It was goat cheese and spinach pasta. I love goat cheese and have been looking for awhile to find any way to incorporate it into my cooking

It was a recipe I found on food network, here.ย I changed a lot. I added chick, heavy cream, and doubled the goat cheese. I also tripled the amount of spinach. And of course changed the pasta, It was pretty good though.

Oh and for dessert we had an incredibly weird variety of apple . .

Yes thats right, it’s not an apple it’s a grapple!! Apple mated with grape. Geneitc engineering at it’s best! Though I knew this totally unatural food should probably be avoided, curiosity won out and we bought the stupid fruit. It smelled just like grapes, though it looked like an apple, very confusing on the senses. Maddox was the only one brave enough to try one . .

sadly that was the only bite he took. And he loves apples! Though not grape appples apparently. They were simply too weird for us.

Oh and the last exciting thing that happened to me was I checked my mail thursday and this is what I found. A simple yellow envelope with this return address . .

Yay!! Letter from the president!! I wrote him way back in August and figured he was just too busy being the president and all to write me back. Although it took him a while I now have a fancy white house letter with official seal and Obama signature. The letter and I will be doing a small local tour for anyone who would like pictures and autographs, dates will follow.

hahha just kidding, unless your interested and then I’m game!

Well I’m off to bury my face in a nursing textbook, see you soon . .

Oh wait forgot to mention, I just finished listening to The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

This book is great! You have to read it. It is easily as addictive as Harry Potter and Twilight. Only it is much, much darker. Plus the movie comes out on March 23rd so you better read it before you run out of time .


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  1. Stacy Roberts says:

    Love this, but I am curious, what did the white house letter say?? lol

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