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Valentine’s Cupcakes y’all!

on February 16, 2012

Yes that is correct, I say y’all now. Well I don’t really say it but typing it is a whole other thing. Meaning it is forgivable. When I type it you can imagine Paula Dean saying it all cute and southern and then it’s ok. See how that works?

But Happy Belated Valentine’s Day y’all!! (too much? yeah I was afraid so, ok I’ll stop now) Thank goodness for St. Valentine and the creation of this wonderful holiday where it is expected that men bring their women beautiful flowers and chocolates and if they forget they can be faced with corporal punishment! Oh and did I mention Valentine’s day is filled with the super cute color combo of red and pink? Yeah that kinda seals the deal for me.

Now Valentine’s does have some not so hot side effects. Such as: If I forget to get my hubby something then I am considered a total jerk. And I do hate all the fluffy cheap stuffed animals that are stuffed into every corner of walmart. But the amazing assortment of super cute baked goods I guess kind of makes up for this. Oh and the traditional conversation hearts that can be used to convey your true feelings. These include: “Your Hot” and “Love me” and new additions such as “Text me later” and the incredibly odd “Marry Me?” Now I could see that going really good and being very romantic and I can also see a very bad proposal. Either way I’m interested in how this can be played out 🙂

Now on to the presents and baked goods which is definitely the reason for the season!

Here are the very nice cupcakes I baked for Maddox’s party at school

They are strawberry cupcakes, with strawberry icing. To make the icing I use a little trick I learned from my cousin Tracy. Just mix strawberry frosting from the store and cool whip until you get the desired color and taste. Thats it! It’s a real light taste so it goes really well. Then I put some kissy lips sprinkles and “Be Mine” signs I bought at Hobby Lobby. I also got the bakers box I used (real profession looking, I know) and the frosting bag and tips from there as well. Frosting bags are really easy and they make such a big difference.

They turned out really cute!

Then I started following this new blog “Confessions of a Cookbook Queen” I highly recommend this blog as this woman is effing hilarious! Even funnier than me if thats possible? Plus she bakes and posts pictures, so just like me only funnier! I read this article about her “man child” that made me laugh so hard I almost peed in my pants. I didn’t though in case you were worried 🙂

And this just so happens to be where I snagged the recipe for these delicious little envelope cookies

Okay you take some of those shortbread cookies in the store (Lorna Doone) and then get some almond bark (vanilla) and melt it (follow instructions on bag) and dip cookies in that. Let them set and use an edible food marker to draw your envelope shape. Then you stick on a little heart or kissy lips with frosting and you are done! Super easy right? Well not exactly. But this is not her fault. I am notorious for screwing up every recipe the first time around. My problem was that the marker did not want to write on the cookies? Well just luckily I had a jar of black food coloring and I painted the lines on. This was good at first but then got too sloppy. The problem was that the food coloring never entirely dried and it kind of stains the hands for a little while. But what did I do? I packed them off to school with Maddox anyways and bid him good luck!

Lucky for me I didn’t actually have to show up at this party and the cookies were to go home with the kids so I didn’t have to see the disastrous results! The cookies were good, just very messy 🙂  *Official Apology* “Sorry Moms of kids I sent home cookies with. Please do not retaliate, as my son also ate the cookies and stained his fingers. See, so no need to be angry, I was right there with you! Only I then threw the cookies away cause I just wasn’t dealing with awful stainy black food coloring anymore!”

But I did have my son write out little messages on each

Yes we wear wizard costumes around here when we fill out Valentine’s! It’s a kind of  tradition, so what’s it to ya? Nah just kidding.

My mother in law got him this costume at great wolf lodge where they have MagiQuest and he has worn it to bed pretty much ever since. 🙂

* On a funny side note the husband just arrived home and I showed him the 2 new york strip steaks I bought today for $9.75 for both! His response? Not “good job!”, or “they look delicious!” but “What’s wrong with them?” I said “no honey they weren’t on clearance about to turn bad., I went to an actual butcher and bought them.”  I’ll let you know how they turn out but from the looks of it, it will be good!

And lastly what you’ve all been waiting for . . . . . My valentine’s gift! Just kidding I know you only come here for the cupcakes and funny mustache pictures 🙂

Here is what my amazing husband brought home from work

A dozen roses from a really nice florist, not Wal-Mart. And Lady and the Tramp (I’m noticing a correlation in holidays and Disney movies here) And something I had wanted and casually mentioned to him. The new Iphone 4S!! And the best part is it’s white! That’s my favorite! He was able to score a really good deal by signing me up for a contract, plus he bought me insurance because of my extreme clumsiness and general affiliation with disaster. But the best part was how he revealed it. He brought home a walmart bag and pulled out Lady and the Tramp and I was so excited and happy. We talked for a while and I noticed the walmart bag was still kind of lumpy. I started digging through and saw and AT&T bag and started to get a little mad because I thought he went and bought a new phone (*Side note* Electronics are my husband’s crack) But when I opened it and saw the new white Iphone I gasped, I was so excited! And it was so sweet how he didn’t try to pull it out like he was all proud and show it off. He waited for me to find it. I am so lucky to have such a great husband 🙂


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