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Fake lips and Fast Cars

on March 1, 2012

Well hello all! I am very sorry for my prolonged absence but I did just have major surgery so I kind of have an excuse. What surgery you ask? Oh well I decided my lips weren’t quite poofy enough so I thought I should get a lip transplant so I could get exactly what I wanted. Ready for the big reveal?

Still ready?

Ok I’m gonna show you now. . .

or now . .

definitely now. . .

Too much? I think not!

This is actually a sucker I got for my son, sorry I just couldn’t resist the cuteness πŸ™‚

Oh also I have more big news.

My son recently tied the knot! No not a knot like in boy scouts, but like the marriage knot. . .

Yes at 6 he has accrued his first wife. And it was serious. They planned it out, they had a honeymoon and an aisle, the whole spiel. Only on a six year old level of course. Don’t worry I have pics!

Wait till you see the list he’s making, I’ve got pictures of that too πŸ™‚

Oh did I mention they also filed taxes jointly? I saw a stack of tax prep papers at the library and picked one up for him to play with. Little did I know he planned on getting married and having children to go with those tax papers. They said they had 2 children, one named after each of them. She wanted to name it Bella Swan, but I guess he over-ruled her seeing as how he is a 6 year old and doesn’t know who Bella Swan is, but only knows that a child named after him is just way better. If you can see his list it says “get mer . .” which was supposed to be get married. And the second item on the list was “get our clothes”. Which clothes you ask? Oh wedding clothes of course . . haha

Oh now you need to check out Dakota’s list

It says “Get married at 6. Clothes and put flowers on them” Oh and the top of the list is titled “Life”. You didn’t believe me when I said it was serious.

And here was the actual ceremony.. Oh the aisle was my sidewalk by the way . .

oh and for their honeymoon they went to “Florida, near San Diego” Oh I have pictures of that too . .

Oh to be 6 and have such a vivid imagination πŸ™‚ I actually remember being right around that age when I planned and carried out my own wedding. Luckily I was six and didn’t have a legal ceremony so you know I’m not a bigamist or anything πŸ™‚

Oh I also wanted to put up some pictures of Maddox’s derby car. They decided on a cop car.

Sadly the weights were applied to low and the car drug the ground so it wasn’t very fast. But it was very good looking!

Well that’s all I’ve got folks . . .

It’s creeping Β up on bedtime and the eyelids are getting heavy. Luckily for me I have the day off tomorrow as clincials are completed for the quarter, so I plan on catching up on my blogging. Oh did I not mention that? Yep I am done with clinicals forever!! Next week is week 10, the last week of new material, then finals, then spring break week and then back for the final quarter of nursing school!!

Oh well my lap top just told me it’s dying so I guess that’s my signal Β . . . .


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