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Snow Day :)

on March 5, 2012

Hello all . . and a very merry snow day!!

Well not for me . . or probably any other adults. . .  but all the local children should be very happy!  And lucky for me, I only had to go to school and take a quick test with no class afterwards, so I got to spend the whole day with my little man 🙂

We mad some snow cream which was awesome!! And super simple. Milk, sugar and vanilla extract and that’s it!

Maddox made chocolate snow cream which turned out pretty good . . .

Then we went outside and had a mini snowball fight! Also really fun  🙂

And I was able to catch something on camera that no man has ever caught before . . .

I caught the exact moment when my son decided to throw the snowball he was making at me 🙂

He was just innocently squishing up snow to make more snow volcanoes when a “light bulb” clicked on over his head . .

Tah Dah!

And immediately after this I was slammed with a snowball of course!

I also wanted to mention the weather we had on Friday that was at the other end of this spectrum.

Friday there was a terrible storm tearing through the local area that produced several tornado’s. Our family was lucky, the tornado missed us and we just had a bad thunderstorm. But it was pretty frightening. The news claimed that several tornado’s touched down in our area. We watched and waited unsure of what to do. Luckily we had a plan B. We don’t have a basement so plan B was to head to the bathroom and drag a mattress in there.

We watched the storm and waited for a sign. Sirens were blaring letting us know of the tornado warning. It was definitely scary. But Maddox loves tornado’s and volcanoes and floods and any other natural disaster. He always gets excited about tornado’s, he even wants to grow up and be a storm chaser. Well, in the throes of this storm he asks if he can go into his bedroom. We assume he wants to look out his window to get a better view. He comes back completely prepared for a tornado . . .

He puts on his bike helmet and grabs a lanturn — pretty smart actually. He also grabbed his killer whale Krody and a puffle. It was so cute I couldn’t help but share this 🙂 And he was totally serious! Poor little guy was actually a little scared when I just thought he was excited. He also made us a plan C in case B didn’t plan out . .

P-C at the top is Plan C obviously 🙂 The tornado is on the left and that’s our house on the right. What’s above the house is his equation for safety. It’s a mattress + the bathroom + all 3 of us = safe

Haha sometimes his cuteness amazes even me 🙂

Well I’m off  — stay warm everyone!


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