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Big News!!

on March 10, 2012

Consider this my formal announcement  . . . .

I . . .

am . . .

currently  . . . .

expecting . . . .

to finish this book before the end of the year!!!

Haha I totally had you there for a minute 🙂

Do you really think this is how I would announce that?

Okay I have been planning for this baby for 2 years, working my butt off to get all my ducks in a row and make sure everything is planned and perfect . . . since last time was a bit of a surprise 🙂 And I plan to do everything by the book this time. So, since I have been working so hard and battling a raging case of baby fever for the last few years, you should expect an over the top announcement . . .I’m not sure yet, but I’m thinking singing telegraphs to everyone I know . . . What do you think? Too much? Hahaha

I also wanted to let everyone know about some awesome cupcakes I got this week . . .

You see I am somewhat of a cupcake connoisseur . . . .yes nothing fancy like wine . . .but I know my cupcakes 🙂

And I am always out hunting new bakeries and taste testing . . it’s a hard job but somebody’s got to do it 🙂

I’ve got a pic but sorry I may have already had to dip into them before I snapped a pic . . .I know totally against the food blogger law but it just couldn’t be helped . . .

That’s red velvet in the top left corner, White chocolate raspberry below that, chocolate fudge below that and vanilla bean on the right. The 2 that are missing were red velvet and lemon blackberry, which was what Maddox picked out. These cupcakes were amazing!! And when I bit into them I was pleasantly surprised . . Each cupcake is filled with some type of cream (vanilla, fresh fruit or cream cheese) and it was perfect! the cake was also very moist. I just had to try this place as I had actually seen some criticism on the internet. But I swear that person must have just had  a feud going with this woman because these cupcakes were heavenly . . .And I know cupcakes!!

If you are jealous here is the place to be . .

And the link is here.

You simply must check out this website. Not only is everything they do tasty but prices are decent for quality and they do 3D custom cakes which are always awesome!

Speaking of cupcakes I had 2 birthdays in my family this week. My aunt (who is my second mother) and my mother-in-law. Being a poor nursing student I didn’t have a whole lot to offer so I had to get creative. I always like to get women cakes for their birthdays so that they are not forced to make or order their own on their birthdays, so this is what I came up with . . .

Birthday in a Box!!

It went over pretty well I might add 🙂

Also I wanted to show you something I made for my son . . .

I found this pic on pinterest actually and loved it so much I had to print it out and frame it for Maddox. I wanted him to know that if I ever have to leave him I will always be in his heart. I would have loved to have one of these from my parents. It is just so sweet.

And here is Maddox playing with the frame .  . this was all his idea and he actually got mad that I had to snap pics of him . . . But being a mother I had to pull out the camera for the cuteness, it was out of my hands . .

Haha love this little man so much 🙂

Oh and the last thing I wanted to add was a pic to get 2 of my best friends extremely excited about our upcoming girls trip 🙂

On the first day of the year in 2006, my 2 best friends and I decided to sit down and write out what we thought each of our lives would be like in 10 years. We predicted one for each of our friends and then one for ourselves. So each of us has 3 to read. Now the plan was to read this in 2016 but with the sheer amount of change we have gone through in the last 6 years I felt we should break into it now. . . 10 years is far too long to wait. So later this month we plan to meet up and compare our predictions with how life really turned out over a good bottle of wine of course 🙂 I am super excited to get to spend some time with my best friends 🙂

Well that’s all folks . .


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