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Headache – City

on March 10, 2012

Well if you can’t tell it’s almost 5 am when I’m posting this. I woke up about 3 with an awful headache. But lucky for me, my husband is a headache – master. I know, not nearly as exciting as a Jedi/Karate master, but a heck of a lot more useful!

I have the best husband you could imagine 🙂 I woke him up from a deep sleep at 3 am and all he asked was what he could do for me? Jealous,  I know . . He went and made me an ice pack, got me some Excedrin migraine and tucked me in. After he got me all set up he rubbed my back and asked if he could do anything else for me . . See best husband ever right? yeah I know 🙂

See Drew has a history of migraines and he knows exactly how to make me feel better. Since you are reading this and it is 5 am you can assume that Dr. Drew  (Dr. Drew hahaha) and his miraculous treatment worked! Problem is I was wide awake and running through my head all the things I needed to do. I was flipping through blog ideas, and then when I got all that laid out I started to recite bullet points to remember for my NCLEX, yeah apparently I didn’t want myself to sleep.

So obviously now I’m awake, typing away . . Already finished my NCLEX study sheet and I’m catching up on some “One Born Every Minute” . . .Problem is it’s about to be daylight  🙂

Oh I also wanted to congratulate my wonderful husband on an accomplishment other than just being awesome. He quit smoking!!! Yes, my absolute god of a  husband used to be a stinky smoker! But now I think we are going on about 2 months without an actual cigarette . . . . Amazing I know! He didn’t just quit cold turkey, that would have never worked. He got one of those fancy smancy E-cigarettes so that he could smoke without having to go outside in sub-zero temps. Yes, I banished my husband, outdoors, in the winter, to smoke. Terrible wife I know. But the good thing about the E-Cig is that you inhale nicotine and water vapor and exhale water vapor. So he can sit on the couch right next to me and I can’t smell a thing!! I don’t think he intended to quit, I think he just wanted to avoid smoking in the snow. But he has now realized how yucky and stinky cigarettes are and couldn’t go back if he tried. Now he is weaning off even that! He never smokes till after work (after 5 for him) and only smokes the equivalent of 2-3 cigarettes a day.

Yes I have confirmed what you may have come to expect . . . My husband is the best man out there and there is no sense in trying to find anyone even slightly better, so don’t bother looking 🙂 This man’s all mine and I am not letting him go  . .

Well I think I better head off to bed before daylight hits . . . .and if this blog is a little disjointed and slightly nonsensical, remember I am kind of sleep-blogging 🙂


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