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Madmen returns to awesomeness!!

on March 23, 2012

Hello again!

I wanted to blog about a Madmen party I got selected to host. You might remember me mentioning it a while back. I went to a website called House party and signed up. Then every month they offer up some parties and if you are interested you apply to host one. If selected you are sent a package containing most of the things you need for the party FOR FREE!! And then you invite at least 10 people, host a party and take lots of pics to put on the internet.

Incredibly easy and awesome right? Right!

Well I got selected to host a Madmen party for the season 5 premiere this Sunday!! Yay me!! If you read my blog and saw my post about “Top shows on TV right now” you’ll know how I feel about my Madmen. And if you don’t, do you research! And by that I mean watch Madmen, enjoy its awesomeness and understand 🙂

Anyways here are some pics of what was in my party pack

I received my package on March 14th for the Party that is March 25th. Plenty of time in advance

And here is all the awesome stuff that was inside . .

I got 5 posters like this one . .

10 plastic cups for awesome Madmen cocktails

25 Madmen napkins for awesome cocktails and grown-up feel   . . .

Fake lipstick stain included 🙂

Then a Madmen shaker for all the fancy cocktails we will be having . .

and  a Madman T-shirt with fake lipstick stain to be used as a prize for our trivia game . . .

Then more Madmen stuff . . .

10 Madmen door hangers, Madman soundtrack download, Madmen “Draping” instruction card, Madmen season 4 finale to watch at party and get everyone super psyched about the season 5 premiere and a letter from the show’s producer.

And my favorite part . . .

Yay!! Madman character heads!!! Can’t wait to play with these! Still haven’t decided who I will be . . .Joan is my favorite but I really love Betty. I guess I’ll have to take turns . . poor me 😦

Oh I didn’t mention the best part, everyone is supposed to wear their best 60’s attire! I have 3 dresses my grandma gave me that she wore in the 50’s and 60’s. They are totally Joan, without the cleavage of course! This is my Grandma we are talking about!!

Anyways I am quite excited for my Madmen party this Sunday and don’t worry, I will post all the pictures. And if you are so jealous you can’t stand it then go to house party and apply to host your own awesome party!!


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