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on March 23, 2012

Hello All!

Well I spent some time yesterday making my son a fancy snack to take to school today. He loves to prank people and last year his snack day fell on April fool’s so we went all out. This year, sadly, there is no school on April Fool’s šŸ˜¦

But that didn’t stop my Madman, he just decided to celebrate it early, as in, today. Oh well!

So I went to the Family fun websiteĀ to search for new ideas for April fool’s pranks.

WeĀ settledĀ on the Shamburger. A dessert that looks like a hamburger. The recipe can be found here.

I highly encourage you to try this recipe as it is incredibly easy and turns out amazingly good!

I also encourage you to celebrate April Fool’s. It’s a day used just to prank people . . what more could you want? Just don’t prank me, I only like to pull the pranks, notĀ receiveĀ them šŸ™‚

Anyway here is a mini tutorial of our Shamburger

First you get vanilla wafers and brush them with honey, then immediately sprinkle onĀ sesameĀ seeds.

Then you pull out your red and yellow cooking icing and put a drop of each on the bottom bun, then apply a peppermint patty.

Then more icing and sprinkle on some lettuce.

which is actually coconut mixed with green food coloring

Then more icing

Then add top bun and enjoy!!

Extra points if your condiments squish out the sides like a real burger!!

See easy as pie! Only pie isn’t really that easy, so I’ll say .. . .easy as . . . .um . . .making tiny shamburgers? Oh, it’s easy, just do it!

We also added another prank that is very easy and can also be found on family fun’s website.

All you do is make a bunch of Jello, a color that looks like it could be juice. I used watermelon since it’s pink. Then you pour it into cups and put a straw in. Then just chill in fridge.

Also incredibly easy! See the children think “Oh yay! Juice! I am so thirsty from these shamburgers so I’m glad she gave us juice!” And then the fun begins . .HAHAHA . . Oh I am evil, but at least it is in a non-violent way šŸ™‚ Obviously since it’s jello they can’t drink it . . and they are left thirsty and pranked . .HAHAHAHA

See it looks like real juice

My only advice is to get loads of Jello! I used four small boxes and only got 20 small cups that were only 1/4 filled. šŸ˜¦ Next time I’m thinking like 10 boxes! If you have too much you just eat it! See, no worries!

Well now that you have a few ideas to prank some children, I feelĀ I’veĀ done my part. And remember, if you need more just check out Family fun website. They have so many ideas. Last year we did the melting ice cream cone.. it turned out awesome! Just not appropriate for a large-scale operation of 20 or more kids. An extremely easy prank we also did last year on snack day was the gummy worm in an apple. HAHAHA

I hope all your pranks turn out awesome this holiday season!!


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