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Random blurbs of misinformation to follow . . .

on April 25, 2012

Hello all!

I just wanted to wish my Stinky* friend Teeny a Happy Birthday today!

*Stinky is to be interpreted as an endearing term and not to imply any actual aroma of unpleasant origin.

In fact my nickname for my son is Stinky Face or Stink Face for short. And after 6 years of calling him that he finally, just last night, gave in to it. Normally I get a “HEY!” or “You’re a stink face!” and last night he finally just gave up, sighed, and said “Goodnight Mommy”.


I got it from that book “I love you Stinky Face”. That woman speaks directly from my soul, she’s like a funny kid-oriented Maya Angelou. Sort of. It talks about how she would love her son even if he was a man-eating dinosaur, a green alien, a swamp monster and even a skunk. It’s terribly sweet and I bet you feel bad now for thinking I was a bad mom earlier for calling my son Stinky huh? No? Oh well. . .  If playing the Maya Angelou card didn’t work, nothing will.

Also been busy planning a huge graduation soiree for June. Yay!! Gonna be a real nurse one day soon, and no longer a mere student. Scared? You probably should be, I’m gonna do so much unnecessary CPR. Ha! Just kidding.

But anyways I’ve got some great family members who are willing to pour in many hours and lots of money to make sure I get a kick-ass celebration. Quite nice huh? I think so too.

Problem is they have rented a rather large locale for said celebration. Then I had to remind them, “Hey. I don’t have enough friends to fill that football stadium you know?” And they said “Oh don’t worry, we have it covered.”

So I can only assume they are doing a combination of paid actors and door-to-door recruiting. Never underestimate what people will do when offered free cake.

Or a free T-shirt. Well Hell, free anything really. People like their free stuff.

I, in fact, joined a crazy marathon/scavenger hunt where I ran countless miles for a free T-shirt last year. Yep, and there wasn’t even any cake . . . . sad I know 😦




One response to “Random blurbs of misinformation to follow . . .

  1. Stacy Roberts says:

    lol…what can I say, but only the best party/celebration for my “little sister”

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