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Beach Cupcakes

on May 4, 2012

So last Monday was Maddox’s last snack day for the school year. And since next year he will be a big boy, he is using Drew’s “Man” shampoo after all, he won’t be getting anymore snack days 😦

So I wanted to make something extra special. And in honor of the approaching 104 days of summer vacation (information gathered via Phineas and Ferb) I decided to make some beach themed cupcakes I had seen in a magazine.

They turned out super cute and they were surprisingly easy.

First I just bought a regular old cake mix (funfetti because it’s FUN) and I got some of the fancy new frosting creations. I just figured I could manipulate the colors of the icing easier with the powder packets for the frosting creations than with food coloring. But it isn’t necessary.

I got caramel for the sand and cotton candy (blue) for the ocean. They have this icing in wal-mart in with all the cake mixes. And they actually had a coupon for a free flavor packet if you bought the icing. The icing is actually just vanilla but they leave a little room in the top for you to mix it up.

Okay so you frost half of each cupcake with the caramel icing.

And then you dip the icing in a  bowl of either brown sugar or graham cracker crumbs. I used brown sugar because it looked more like actual sand.

And then after you mix up the blue icing you put it in a frosting bag.

So this is what yours should look like at this point.

Okay and then you put on your teddy grahams. I used gummy life savers for  my inner tubes and fruit roll up slices for beach towels.

The tiny umbrellas are the ones you put in summer drinks. I found mine at Hobby Lobby.

And that’s it! Super easy and cute cupcakes. And you could make these even easier by not using the frosting bag and it would still look good. And kids will love these cupcakes, assuming of course they don’t poke out their eyes with the umbrellas and have to go to the ER. You certainly won’t be winning mother of the year if that happens 🙂


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