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Haunted Houses and Racing Horses

on May 4, 2012

So other than making super awesome cupcakes I have been a busy lady. The husband and I have begun house hunting. We have been hitting up open houses and, since last weekend was apparently national open  house weekend, and no this is not a totally  made up day, my Realtor told me so. Hahaha

Anyways we found one we really loved, which was surprisingly the first I have seen that I loved. I am oddly picky about this. So we were feeling lucky and went to another one. The house was pretty old but had been completely redone so we thought we would give it a try. Immediately upon walking in I noticed it was super cold. I didn’t think a whole lot of it though. We walked all through the house and I was slowly became super creeped out. I kept thinking this would be the perfect house for a scary movie. Scary, dark and cob-webby attic? Check. Dark and dank basement? Check. Creaky old floorboards? Check. This house had it all. That’s when the temperature started to make sense. It was cooled by ghost breath, which is obviously very cold. 🙂 Then the realtor gave us a  big spill about how it was 100 years old and all I could think was, “How many people does that mean have died  here”? Yep, I’m out on that note. We walked outside and Drew went on and on about how awesome the house was and what a great deal we would be getting on it. And I was practically running to the car. After all I couldn’t talk about how creepy the house was in ear shot of the house. Haven’t you seen any scary movies?! That girl always dies!! She exposes the house for what it really is and BOOM suddenly she’s lying in a pool of her own  blood. Scary Movies 101 people!

Drew, at this point, is beginning to question why the house is so cheap. He draws the conclusion that we must just be lucky. Once safely in the car I blow his little bubble and tell him that house is haunted as shit and no wonder it’s so cheap! He proceeds to make fun of me the entire way home and even  jokes about buying the house and living in it by himself. Yes, to a stubborn man this is a perfectly logical solution and not even remotely stubborn. I shoot back that he better take out a life insurance policy first! To this he does not laugh. 🙂

After averting the crazy haunted house purchase we headed off to Louisville. And it was awesome! Usually we stay in The Brown at a majorly discounted rate since this is kind of a “kick back” for the amount of paint Drew purchases for the body shop from this company. This year they switched it to the Hyatt which is nice too. But if you are ever in Louisville and want to waste like $300 you should totally stay in The Brown and feel like a super rich person for the night.

The night you get there they have a little get together at a restaurant usually. They provide free drinks and H’orderves. And no I did not just google how to spell that! 🙂 Now our first experience with open bar did not go so well. But since then we have gotten much more refined. Haha at least in public 🙂

Anyways the next day they take you to Churchill Downs and put you in a Sky Box! You have to dress Semi-Formal, which I also did not need to google 🙂 It is so nice. They provide you with free drinks there too but open bar and gambling is a bad idea! So I always get a Mint Julep and sip on it. You kind of can’t go to Churchill Downs and not get a Mint Julep or they will arrest you. I learned this lesson the hard way the first year! You also get derby pie and strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar, sounds disgusting but actually delicious!

Now I’m not much of a gambler. You probably need to be a glass half full type to really get into that. I guess I’m more of  a “Why not take this $20 and buy a new shirt instead of giving it to some man and being lucky to get any of it back?” But yeah that’s just me. We did bet a little. I usually put $2 to win,place, show down on a horse for a total of $6. Last year I won $60 doing that though! But Drew got some awesome pics of the race track

And here was the inside of the box with all the fancy dressed people

And some losing tickets. . you have to turn the winners in.

And here is my awesome husband and some random guy right before he walked into the door 🙂

Never text and walk! Hilarity will ensue and someone will assuredly be there with a camera to document it 🙂

So the Derby is tomorrow at 5 or 6, couldn’t find the exact time on the website. And you can pick your horses here. My money is on “Daddy Long Legs”, assuming I had any money of course. You see I have a fool-proof system. I pick the one with the best name. And it actually worked once!! Oh and you have to split your winnings with me if you use my “system”. Haahaha

Good luck tomorrow!


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