Lesa Lu

Lesa Lu and you can too!

About Lesa Lu

I am Lesa Lu, I am 25 yrs old and have been married to the man of my dreams, Drew for 3.5 years. We have a wonderful 6 year old son named Maddox who is filled to the brim with imagination. I am currently in the nursing program at Ohio University Southern and will graduate in mid June of 2012, YAY!! I live in an itty bitty town in Kentucky thats right on the river. I enjoy reading most anything I can get my hands though not to include nursing books. I love baking and Science and cars and useless knowledge of any kind. My favorite books are apocolyptic sci-fi type novels about what happens when society fails. I am truly addicted to the oldies music, mostly 60’s and 70’s. CCR being my supreme fav! I am an oddball, though I prefer the term eccentric.

And this is what happens when people stop being nice and start being real . . .

nah just kidding 🙂


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