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Haunted Houses and Racing Horses

So other than making super awesome cupcakes I have been a busy lady. The husband and I have begun house hunting. We have been hitting up open houses and, since last weekend was apparently national open  house weekend, and no this is not a totally  made up day, my Realtor told me so. Hahaha

Anyways we found one we really loved, which was surprisingly the first I have seen that I loved. I am oddly picky about this. So we were feeling lucky and went to another one. The house was pretty old but had been completely redone so we thought we would give it a try. Immediately upon walking in I noticed it was super cold. I didn’t think a whole lot of it though. We walked all through the house and I was slowly became super creeped out. I kept thinking this would be the perfect house for a scary movie. Scary, dark and cob-webby attic? Check. Dark and dank basement? Check. Creaky old floorboards? Check. This house had it all. That’s when the temperature started to make sense. It was cooled by ghost breath, which is obviously very cold. 🙂 Then the realtor gave us a  big spill about how it was 100 years old and all I could think was, “How many people does that mean have died  here”? Yep, I’m out on that note. We walked outside and Drew went on and on about how awesome the house was and what a great deal we would be getting on it. And I was practically running to the car. After all I couldn’t talk about how creepy the house was in ear shot of the house. Haven’t you seen any scary movies?! That girl always dies!! She exposes the house for what it really is and BOOM suddenly she’s lying in a pool of her own  blood. Scary Movies 101 people!

Drew, at this point, is beginning to question why the house is so cheap. He draws the conclusion that we must just be lucky. Once safely in the car I blow his little bubble and tell him that house is haunted as shit and no wonder it’s so cheap! He proceeds to make fun of me the entire way home and even  jokes about buying the house and living in it by himself. Yes, to a stubborn man this is a perfectly logical solution and not even remotely stubborn. I shoot back that he better take out a life insurance policy first! To this he does not laugh. 🙂

After averting the crazy haunted house purchase we headed off to Louisville. And it was awesome! Usually we stay in The Brown at a majorly discounted rate since this is kind of a “kick back” for the amount of paint Drew purchases for the body shop from this company. This year they switched it to the Hyatt which is nice too. But if you are ever in Louisville and want to waste like $300 you should totally stay in The Brown and feel like a super rich person for the night.

The night you get there they have a little get together at a restaurant usually. They provide free drinks and H’orderves. And no I did not just google how to spell that! 🙂 Now our first experience with open bar did not go so well. But since then we have gotten much more refined. Haha at least in public 🙂

Anyways the next day they take you to Churchill Downs and put you in a Sky Box! You have to dress Semi-Formal, which I also did not need to google 🙂 It is so nice. They provide you with free drinks there too but open bar and gambling is a bad idea! So I always get a Mint Julep and sip on it. You kind of can’t go to Churchill Downs and not get a Mint Julep or they will arrest you. I learned this lesson the hard way the first year! You also get derby pie and strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar, sounds disgusting but actually delicious!

Now I’m not much of a gambler. You probably need to be a glass half full type to really get into that. I guess I’m more of  a “Why not take this $20 and buy a new shirt instead of giving it to some man and being lucky to get any of it back?” But yeah that’s just me. We did bet a little. I usually put $2 to win,place, show down on a horse for a total of $6. Last year I won $60 doing that though! But Drew got some awesome pics of the race track

And here was the inside of the box with all the fancy dressed people

And some losing tickets. . you have to turn the winners in.

And here is my awesome husband and some random guy right before he walked into the door 🙂

Never text and walk! Hilarity will ensue and someone will assuredly be there with a camera to document it 🙂

So the Derby is tomorrow at 5 or 6, couldn’t find the exact time on the website. And you can pick your horses here. My money is on “Daddy Long Legs”, assuming I had any money of course. You see I have a fool-proof system. I pick the one with the best name. And it actually worked once!! Oh and you have to split your winnings with me if you use my “system”. Haahaha

Good luck tomorrow!

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Beach Cupcakes

So last Monday was Maddox’s last snack day for the school year. And since next year he will be a big boy, he is using Drew’s “Man” shampoo after all, he won’t be getting anymore snack days 😦

So I wanted to make something extra special. And in honor of the approaching 104 days of summer vacation (information gathered via Phineas and Ferb) I decided to make some beach themed cupcakes I had seen in a magazine.

They turned out super cute and they were surprisingly easy.

First I just bought a regular old cake mix (funfetti because it’s FUN) and I got some of the fancy new frosting creations. I just figured I could manipulate the colors of the icing easier with the powder packets for the frosting creations than with food coloring. But it isn’t necessary.

I got caramel for the sand and cotton candy (blue) for the ocean. They have this icing in wal-mart in with all the cake mixes. And they actually had a coupon for a free flavor packet if you bought the icing. The icing is actually just vanilla but they leave a little room in the top for you to mix it up.

Okay so you frost half of each cupcake with the caramel icing.

And then you dip the icing in a  bowl of either brown sugar or graham cracker crumbs. I used brown sugar because it looked more like actual sand.

And then after you mix up the blue icing you put it in a frosting bag.

So this is what yours should look like at this point.

Okay and then you put on your teddy grahams. I used gummy life savers for  my inner tubes and fruit roll up slices for beach towels.

The tiny umbrellas are the ones you put in summer drinks. I found mine at Hobby Lobby.

And that’s it! Super easy and cute cupcakes. And you could make these even easier by not using the frosting bag and it would still look good. And kids will love these cupcakes, assuming of course they don’t poke out their eyes with the umbrellas and have to go to the ER. You certainly won’t be winning mother of the year if that happens 🙂

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Contrary to popular belief, I am not an Amish man.

So today I went to Lowes. I needed some various, non-threatening, things. I needed ant poison since I haven’t been able to locate a tiny, ant-sized, machine gun.

I also needed an air filter and tarp and bungee cords. See, we have bears around here that like to get in our trash. Yes, that’s right BEARS! Okay, so maybe it was one bear and he has since moved on to greener pastures. No, I did not kill him. I just started buying generic food and he decided our trash wasn’t so appetizing anymore and on he went. But in his wake there have been hoards of racoon’s and feral cats who don’t mind generic food at all. So, my solution to this? Lock up my garbage tighter than Fort Knox, with an increasingly difficult arrangement of bungee cords. So far so good!

Problem is when I go to Lowes sans husband, I can’t find a single thing I’m looking for! I truly believe they just draw random aisle numbers out of hat when they stock shelves. “Yeah, paper towels?” “Aisle 2 next to the ceiling fans.” What?!

Not that going with the Husband is much different. While I will unashamedly walk up to anyone in a red vest and ask for directions, the husband would never dream of that! He will look for hours claiming, “Oh no, I know where it is.” Which results in an afternoon and lots of dollars wasted at Lowes. So on second thought I was probably safer going alone 🙂

Oh and the tarp. Well I got this bright idea that I could drape the tarp between our porches and make a nice little cubby to keep our bikes out of the rain. See, these are the things I think about when I’m lying awake at midnight listening to the husband snore.

So once I get all my bungee cords and tarps home I recruit Maddox to help me “build a garage”. He gladly signs up and follows me outside. He looks around, looking slightly confused. Wondering where all the wood and siding and tools were probably. When I show him my tarp and bungee cords he says “I thought we were building a garage?” I said “Yeah that’s what I’m doing” and proceed to show him my grand plan. He giggles a little, trying to be polite, and says “Mommy that is not how you build a garage.” To which I replied, “Well how did you think we were going to build it? I’m not an Amish man, so this is the best I’ve got!” Of course my hilarious joke was lost on him as he doesn’t understand that Amish men are known for building astonishing structures in record amounts of time.

But now with my garage built to my satisfaction, much less useful than I pictured it in my head, I am off to make dinner. I’ve got some chicken wings and I found some Hooter’s wing sauce at the grocery store. So I get Hooter’s wings without all the, ya know, Hooters. HAHAHA

And then it’s off to get my very first pedicure with my best friend! I have finally come to a time in my life where I have decided it is totally worth it to pay $25 to have someone make my toes presentable.

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Random blurbs of misinformation to follow . . .

Hello all!

I just wanted to wish my Stinky* friend Teeny a Happy Birthday today!

*Stinky is to be interpreted as an endearing term and not to imply any actual aroma of unpleasant origin.

In fact my nickname for my son is Stinky Face or Stink Face for short. And after 6 years of calling him that he finally, just last night, gave in to it. Normally I get a “HEY!” or “You’re a stink face!” and last night he finally just gave up, sighed, and said “Goodnight Mommy”.


I got it from that book “I love you Stinky Face”. That woman speaks directly from my soul, she’s like a funny kid-oriented Maya Angelou. Sort of. It talks about how she would love her son even if he was a man-eating dinosaur, a green alien, a swamp monster and even a skunk. It’s terribly sweet and I bet you feel bad now for thinking I was a bad mom earlier for calling my son Stinky huh? No? Oh well. . .  If playing the Maya Angelou card didn’t work, nothing will.

Also been busy planning a huge graduation soiree for June. Yay!! Gonna be a real nurse one day soon, and no longer a mere student. Scared? You probably should be, I’m gonna do so much unnecessary CPR. Ha! Just kidding.

But anyways I’ve got some great family members who are willing to pour in many hours and lots of money to make sure I get a kick-ass celebration. Quite nice huh? I think so too.

Problem is they have rented a rather large locale for said celebration. Then I had to remind them, “Hey. I don’t have enough friends to fill that football stadium you know?” And they said “Oh don’t worry, we have it covered.”

So I can only assume they are doing a combination of paid actors and door-to-door recruiting. Never underestimate what people will do when offered free cake.

Or a free T-shirt. Well Hell, free anything really. People like their free stuff.

I, in fact, joined a crazy marathon/scavenger hunt where I ran countless miles for a free T-shirt last year. Yep, and there wasn’t even any cake . . . . sad I know 😦



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My my how times flies . .

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been an entire month since I’ve updated my fancy blog community! And this time I can’t even blame it on any crazy lip enhancing surgeries 🙂

You know what they  say . . time flies when you’re having fun. So I guess that must mean that I have been at Disneyland for the last month right? Not so. It’s been  quite the opposite actually.

I have been quite the busy little student nurse. I have been applying to all the local hospitals and purveying their job listings like a shark circling prey 🙂 I have also made a super fancy resume (that took more hours than I would like to admit) and even got it printed on this paper typically reserved for awards and things, no big deal. Except for that it’s awesome! Turning that resume in I look like an actual grown up or something, who knew?

Also been busting out the precepting hours in the ICU. I am learning infinitely more than the amount of bodily fluids  I am occasionally getting doused in. Always a good ratio to have 🙂

I also have a developed a terrible addiction . . .one that has come to interrupt my daily activities. I am considering starting a 12 step program in my area. I’ll call it PAA, Pinterest Addicts  Anonymous. Yes it’s true, I am one of “them”. I can waste several hours there and not even realize it. There really should be a disclaimer on their website come to think of it 🙂 I did want to share some of the hilarious things I found on there to, you know, help to recruit other addicts. HAHAHA.


This is probably my absolute favorite!!! I thought I was the only one! So nice to find out you’re not crazy.

No I was wrong this is certainly my favorite! I am sort of ashamed to admit that the Hubby and I spent at least 20 minutes convulsively laughing over this. Oh cats are such odd creatures, and to get an insight into their complicated psyche we  are very fortunate 🙂 ahahah

HAHAHA! This is probably why I can never be single again! It’s a hard life to live ladies .. . you couldn’t imagine all the incredible things in jars you will now have to live without . . .such as hot fudge . . . pickles . . .hmm well that’s about it I guess. You should still think twice before  signing those divorce papers . . . it would be very hard to live out the rest of your life minus hot fudge 🙂

AHAHA. God bless you Pinterest and your humor category! Without you my life would certainly be dull and without so much laughter.

So if you have yet to  check out pinterest you certainly need to get on that. All your friends are doing it. And you want to be cool like all your friends right?

I have to share one last picture though. It is an actual drawing of me when I have to wake up for precepting at 5AM!!

Ahaha! Jumping on the bed while holding a glass of wine is one of my very favorite activities, hahaha

Let’s see. . . other than pinterest browsing and resume making I haven’t been doing too much. Oh I did have the Mad Men party I promised to post pictures from.

Oh and I am getting ready to take a trip next week that I look forward to all year long!! I call it my “great wolf lodge” trip since I look forward to it as much as my son looks forward to Great Wolf Lodge. My husband and I go to Churchill Downs every year during Derby week. It’s an event sponsored by the paint company my husband uses in his business. And it is amazing! Now I am no gambler, I am far to  cheap to throw away money on something so  uncertain. But what I love is getting all dressed up (it’s semi-formal and includes Derby hats!!) and getting to pretend like a rich person for the day! We get to sit in the skybox thing and eat derby pie and drink Mint Juleps. It is by far one of the best days of the year for me. So yay!! Here I come Louisville!!

Well I guess I better get back to homework and other non-fun things. And I clearly must stay away from pinterest. I am far too easily distracted 🙂


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Madmen returns to awesomeness!!

Hello again!

I wanted to blog about a Madmen party I got selected to host. You might remember me mentioning it a while back. I went to a website called House party and signed up. Then every month they offer up some parties and if you are interested you apply to host one. If selected you are sent a package containing most of the things you need for the party FOR FREE!! And then you invite at least 10 people, host a party and take lots of pics to put on the internet.

Incredibly easy and awesome right? Right!

Well I got selected to host a Madmen party for the season 5 premiere this Sunday!! Yay me!! If you read my blog and saw my post about “Top shows on TV right now” you’ll know how I feel about my Madmen. And if you don’t, do you research! And by that I mean watch Madmen, enjoy its awesomeness and understand 🙂

Anyways here are some pics of what was in my party pack

I received my package on March 14th for the Party that is March 25th. Plenty of time in advance

And here is all the awesome stuff that was inside . .

I got 5 posters like this one . .

10 plastic cups for awesome Madmen cocktails

25 Madmen napkins for awesome cocktails and grown-up feel   . . .

Fake lipstick stain included 🙂

Then a Madmen shaker for all the fancy cocktails we will be having . .

and  a Madman T-shirt with fake lipstick stain to be used as a prize for our trivia game . . .

Then more Madmen stuff . . .

10 Madmen door hangers, Madman soundtrack download, Madmen “Draping” instruction card, Madmen season 4 finale to watch at party and get everyone super psyched about the season 5 premiere and a letter from the show’s producer.

And my favorite part . . .

Yay!! Madman character heads!!! Can’t wait to play with these! Still haven’t decided who I will be . . .Joan is my favorite but I really love Betty. I guess I’ll have to take turns . . poor me 😦

Oh I didn’t mention the best part, everyone is supposed to wear their best 60’s attire! I have 3 dresses my grandma gave me that she wore in the 50’s and 60’s. They are totally Joan, without the cleavage of course! This is my Grandma we are talking about!!

Anyways I am quite excited for my Madmen party this Sunday and don’t worry, I will post all the pictures. And if you are so jealous you can’t stand it then go to house party and apply to host your own awesome party!!

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Hello All!

Well I spent some time yesterday making my son a fancy snack to take to school today. He loves to prank people and last year his snack day fell on April fool’s so we went all out. This year, sadly, there is no school on April Fool’s 😦

But that didn’t stop my Madman, he just decided to celebrate it early, as in, today. Oh well!

So I went to the Family fun website to search for new ideas for April fool’s pranks.

We settled on the Shamburger. A dessert that looks like a hamburger. The recipe can be found here.

I highly encourage you to try this recipe as it is incredibly easy and turns out amazingly good!

I also encourage you to celebrate April Fool’s. It’s a day used just to prank people . . what more could you want? Just don’t prank me, I only like to pull the pranks, not receive them 🙂

Anyway here is a mini tutorial of our Shamburger

First you get vanilla wafers and brush them with honey, then immediately sprinkle on sesame seeds.

Then you pull out your red and yellow cooking icing and put a drop of each on the bottom bun, then apply a peppermint patty.

Then more icing and sprinkle on some lettuce.

which is actually coconut mixed with green food coloring

Then more icing

Then add top bun and enjoy!!

Extra points if your condiments squish out the sides like a real burger!!

See easy as pie! Only pie isn’t really that easy, so I’ll say .. . .easy as . . . .um . . .making tiny shamburgers? Oh, it’s easy, just do it!

We also added another prank that is very easy and can also be found on family fun’s website.

All you do is make a bunch of Jello, a color that looks like it could be juice. I used watermelon since it’s pink. Then you pour it into cups and put a straw in. Then just chill in fridge.

Also incredibly easy! See the children think “Oh yay! Juice! I am so thirsty from these shamburgers so I’m glad she gave us juice!” And then the fun begins . .HAHAHA . . Oh I am evil, but at least it is in a non-violent way 🙂 Obviously since it’s jello they can’t drink it . . and they are left thirsty and pranked . .HAHAHAHA

See it looks like real juice

My only advice is to get loads of Jello! I used four small boxes and only got 20 small cups that were only 1/4 filled. 😦 Next time I’m thinking like 10 boxes! If you have too much you just eat it! See, no worries!

Well now that you have a few ideas to prank some children, I feel I’ve done my part. And remember, if you need more just check out Family fun website. They have so many ideas. Last year we did the melting ice cream cone.. it turned out awesome! Just not appropriate for a large-scale operation of 20 or more kids. An extremely easy prank we also did last year on snack day was the gummy worm in an apple. HAHAHA

I hope all your pranks turn out awesome this holiday season!!

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Warning: Wild college spring break pics to follow . .

Well as you can tell, I’ve been quite busy. I passed all my nursing classes and got assigned a preceptor to follow in the ICU and then was rewarded with a week off to enjoy myself. What do they call that again? Oh yes I remember  . . . .College Spring Break!!

I decided to enlist my best friend Steffany to help me enjoy my spring break as thoroughly as possible. We had intended on taking a road trip to visit our other friend. We had saved some money and had a nightmare coordinating dates that could work into both of our overpacked schedules. In the end it didn’t work out. The friend had to cancel but we were not discouraged. We had saved up the money (kind of) and taken the time off work and dammit we were going somewhere! Not often does a mother get a girls trip, actually this is my first ever, and I am kind of upset that it has taken me this long to discover their existence! So I planned to heartily enjoy it.

So, it being college spring break week me and Steff decided to let out our inner wild party girl and just go crazy…

Where did we end up?

Amish country Ohio!!!

Now you may scoff but this is actually a quite happening place to be . .  that unless it is after 5:000 pm or is a Sunday.

Oh well . . I’m not embarrassed, I had a wonderful time. And I reminded my husband that I simply must take these little get-a-way trips so that he has time to remember how awesome I am! It worked too! He texted me about 11 that night and said “I remember how awesome you are, so can you come home now?” Aww 🙂

We got to stay in an awesome cabin with a waterfall shower head and a huge hot tub.

This was the living room.

And this is the awesome hot tub

And here was the crazy waterfall head shower I told you about

What I didn’t tell you was that there were 5 water spouts total. The overhead, the handheld and 3 on the side that just stick out  of the wall. Now, not only did this make for some extremely complicated showering, but it was slightly creepy. I mean, what was going on with those 3 shower heads on the wall? In light of this shower head placement I have come to the conclusion that the Amish might not be as pure as we once believed. In fact they may be slightly perverted . . . . ewww

Now no college spring break tale would be complete without a fridge shot, you know to show the loads of alcohol kids take on spring break . .

Oh yes.. you are seeing that correctly . . One bottle of wine . . . . we are so old 😦

And lastly I have a pic of what I woke up to the next morning . .

Being old isn’t so bad if it involves wine, fireplaces, relaxing vacations and plenty of sleep 🙂

We also got to bust out our “Read in 10 years” predictions. To be honest . . they were quite depressing 😦

But funny to read nonetheless

At one point I blurt out “Oh no! I’m getting divorced Steff!” to which she replies . . “Oh yeah . . well I’m getting cheated on and then divorced!!”

There actually wasn’t one of us who didn’t predict divorce for the other two . .ouch! Well I must mention that at the time of predictions we were all bitter single ladies 🙂

I’ll fill you in on some of our ominous predictions:

Steff will probably not have any children, but should be getting married in the next year or 2. Teeny is going to have twin girls. Maddox will be a hellion teenager. Steff will marry a dirty rocker boy who will turn into a CEO of a business, cause that’s how it works obviously :)I’m going to live out my dream of living in Louisiana – which apparently is a dream I once had but cannot since recall! None of us will  be friends in 4 years and oh Yeah I’m supposed to be an alcoholic! Yes that’s right!!


I don’t even like alcohol!!  —- much, I don’t even like alcohol MUCH 🙂


We must have all been clinically depressed when we wrote these!!

Oh wait just found some more pics of our trip

Yes, that is a picture of our sink… excellent observation .. .

And here is me and Steff antique shopping 🙂

And after our extreme makeovers/ Amish style

Me cooking on an ol’ timey stove

Me preparing for the apocalypse by fitting myself for an antique gas mask

Which I then gave to Drew as a gift and described it FALLOUT-esque Haha so sly 🙂

Well you see Drew and I are from 2 different worlds. He loves all things modern and techy and I like anything that doesn’t require electricity and am averse to any sort of change. So antiques are not really a souvenir he would like, which is why I had to relate it to one of his favorite video games. This way he thinks he has some awesome video game memorabilia and I get to purchase an apocalypse gas mask without mockery 🙂 See? Win – Win . . unless he reads my blog and discovers my deception 😦

Oh and one last picture of something we found while searching for Maddox the appropriate souvenir.

That is a NICU baby in an incubator and an extremely evil-looking woman (based solely on eyebrow thickness) who probably put the baby there! What a terrible toy!!

It wasn’t until we had finished up all our antiquing that I saw a sign that said


oops 🙂

And then while I was reading this sign . .


I hear a big crash and Steff, arms overfilling with various antique glassware, drops the saucer to her one-of-a-kind teacup set. I don’t know anyone who would believe that Steff, not me, was the one to drop and break something, but I swear by it! Kind of 🙂

And then there was the road trip conversation of 2 crazy college gals . . .

We discussed grammar and I was taught when it was appropriate to use your vs. you’re…

yes absolutely wild and crazy we are, and apparently I talk like Yoda . .who knew?

Oh and how to avoid getting tickets. Crying and Cleavage do not work.

The only thing you can do is to not look the cop directly in the eye when he is parked looking for speeders. This is construed as a threat and you will surely be pulled over and fined for threatening a police officer. Steff uses the tried and true “car dance method” will I  use the “I have so much on my mind, oh I’m so stressed that I don’t even see you sitting there officer.” Whichever FOOLPROOF method you use, just don’t look directly in their eyes and you should be fine 🙂

Oh and I forgot to mention that once we got there we could not get cell phone service in the cabin, we had to stand in the driveway. No internet either. Now this was extremely difficult for me as this was the first time I had been away from my family. Why . .if I couldn’t call and strict give instructions over the phone the house would surely ignite and burn to the ground! After all, things fall apart when mother’s are not there 🙂

It didn’t turn out to be much of a problem though until bedtime. When I am away from Drew for the night (which is rarely) I have a sort of Bart Simpson approach. There was an episode of the Simpson’s where Bart was left home alone for several days. It showed his routine and his mantra of “Day is awesome! Night is scary.” And how, during the day he was jumping on the bed drinking Hershey’s syrup straight from the bottle and at night he slept on the kitchen table with 1,000’s of mousetraps surrounding it. Yes, you see, exactly like me when Drew is away. I’m all jumping on the bed and sleeping on the kitchen table with a baseball bat murmuring to myself “Day is awesome! Night is scary!” 🙂

Well the overnight stay was perfectly fine. . in the daytime. Lights out is a whole different story. It didn’t help that when I called Drew and told him about the cell service he told me that that sounded remarkably like a jammer surrounding the cabin that apparently “jams up” cell phone service. This made for quite a laugh as we went back and forth about how all this was a giant ruse to lure two pretty ladies to the cabin, jam their cell phones and murder them. Yes this is normal conversation for my husband and I 🙂 He went on to say that this was why everything looked so brand new, no one ever lived long enough to use the cabin 😦 Hahaha, a good laugh was had by all.

That is until bedtime . . .

Steff is off to dreamland and I’m here imagining every sound is a killer lurking about trying to figure out how to get in the window. And I couldn’t even call the husband unless I was willing to walk out in the driveway to get cell phone service. yeah, with a killer lurking around in the dark?! Ha! Nice try killer man, I am staying put in my comfy bed. After all Steff said she brought some guns, I later discover said “guns” are really her puny biceps. Yep, Steff’s biceps were all that protected us that night . . that and a box cutter I keep on my key ring to stab some eyeballs if I meet someone in a dark parking lot who needs a good eyeball stabbing. Yes, we are some bad- ass chicks . . . who vacation in Amish country!

Oh I did fail to mention that on the way home we stopped by a store called “Adultmart” we thought, wine . . . good books . . .bubble bath. . .reading glasses . . you know? Adult stuff.

We were so wrong, and the wrongness will haunt my nightmares for years to come . . .

But that is another story . . .

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Big News!!

Consider this my formal announcement  . . . .

I . . .

am . . .

currently  . . . .

expecting . . . .

to finish this book before the end of the year!!!

Haha I totally had you there for a minute 🙂

Do you really think this is how I would announce that?

Okay I have been planning for this baby for 2 years, working my butt off to get all my ducks in a row and make sure everything is planned and perfect . . . since last time was a bit of a surprise 🙂 And I plan to do everything by the book this time. So, since I have been working so hard and battling a raging case of baby fever for the last few years, you should expect an over the top announcement . . .I’m not sure yet, but I’m thinking singing telegraphs to everyone I know . . . What do you think? Too much? Hahaha

I also wanted to let everyone know about some awesome cupcakes I got this week . . .

You see I am somewhat of a cupcake connoisseur . . . .yes nothing fancy like wine . . .but I know my cupcakes 🙂

And I am always out hunting new bakeries and taste testing . . it’s a hard job but somebody’s got to do it 🙂

I’ve got a pic but sorry I may have already had to dip into them before I snapped a pic . . .I know totally against the food blogger law but it just couldn’t be helped . . .

That’s red velvet in the top left corner, White chocolate raspberry below that, chocolate fudge below that and vanilla bean on the right. The 2 that are missing were red velvet and lemon blackberry, which was what Maddox picked out. These cupcakes were amazing!! And when I bit into them I was pleasantly surprised . . Each cupcake is filled with some type of cream (vanilla, fresh fruit or cream cheese) and it was perfect! the cake was also very moist. I just had to try this place as I had actually seen some criticism on the internet. But I swear that person must have just had  a feud going with this woman because these cupcakes were heavenly . . .And I know cupcakes!!

If you are jealous here is the place to be . .

And the link is here.

You simply must check out this website. Not only is everything they do tasty but prices are decent for quality and they do 3D custom cakes which are always awesome!

Speaking of cupcakes I had 2 birthdays in my family this week. My aunt (who is my second mother) and my mother-in-law. Being a poor nursing student I didn’t have a whole lot to offer so I had to get creative. I always like to get women cakes for their birthdays so that they are not forced to make or order their own on their birthdays, so this is what I came up with . . .

Birthday in a Box!!

It went over pretty well I might add 🙂

Also I wanted to show you something I made for my son . . .

I found this pic on pinterest actually and loved it so much I had to print it out and frame it for Maddox. I wanted him to know that if I ever have to leave him I will always be in his heart. I would have loved to have one of these from my parents. It is just so sweet.

And here is Maddox playing with the frame .  . this was all his idea and he actually got mad that I had to snap pics of him . . . But being a mother I had to pull out the camera for the cuteness, it was out of my hands . .

Haha love this little man so much 🙂

Oh and the last thing I wanted to add was a pic to get 2 of my best friends extremely excited about our upcoming girls trip 🙂

On the first day of the year in 2006, my 2 best friends and I decided to sit down and write out what we thought each of our lives would be like in 10 years. We predicted one for each of our friends and then one for ourselves. So each of us has 3 to read. Now the plan was to read this in 2016 but with the sheer amount of change we have gone through in the last 6 years I felt we should break into it now. . . 10 years is far too long to wait. So later this month we plan to meet up and compare our predictions with how life really turned out over a good bottle of wine of course 🙂 I am super excited to get to spend some time with my best friends 🙂

Well that’s all folks . .

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Headache – City

Well if you can’t tell it’s almost 5 am when I’m posting this. I woke up about 3 with an awful headache. But lucky for me, my husband is a headache – master. I know, not nearly as exciting as a Jedi/Karate master, but a heck of a lot more useful!

I have the best husband you could imagine 🙂 I woke him up from a deep sleep at 3 am and all he asked was what he could do for me? Jealous,  I know . . He went and made me an ice pack, got me some Excedrin migraine and tucked me in. After he got me all set up he rubbed my back and asked if he could do anything else for me . . See best husband ever right? yeah I know 🙂

See Drew has a history of migraines and he knows exactly how to make me feel better. Since you are reading this and it is 5 am you can assume that Dr. Drew  (Dr. Drew hahaha) and his miraculous treatment worked! Problem is I was wide awake and running through my head all the things I needed to do. I was flipping through blog ideas, and then when I got all that laid out I started to recite bullet points to remember for my NCLEX, yeah apparently I didn’t want myself to sleep.

So obviously now I’m awake, typing away . . Already finished my NCLEX study sheet and I’m catching up on some “One Born Every Minute” . . .Problem is it’s about to be daylight  🙂

Oh I also wanted to congratulate my wonderful husband on an accomplishment other than just being awesome. He quit smoking!!! Yes, my absolute god of a  husband used to be a stinky smoker! But now I think we are going on about 2 months without an actual cigarette . . . . Amazing I know! He didn’t just quit cold turkey, that would have never worked. He got one of those fancy smancy E-cigarettes so that he could smoke without having to go outside in sub-zero temps. Yes, I banished my husband, outdoors, in the winter, to smoke. Terrible wife I know. But the good thing about the E-Cig is that you inhale nicotine and water vapor and exhale water vapor. So he can sit on the couch right next to me and I can’t smell a thing!! I don’t think he intended to quit, I think he just wanted to avoid smoking in the snow. But he has now realized how yucky and stinky cigarettes are and couldn’t go back if he tried. Now he is weaning off even that! He never smokes till after work (after 5 for him) and only smokes the equivalent of 2-3 cigarettes a day.

Yes I have confirmed what you may have come to expect . . . My husband is the best man out there and there is no sense in trying to find anyone even slightly better, so don’t bother looking 🙂 This man’s all mine and I am not letting him go  . .

Well I think I better head off to bed before daylight hits . . . .and if this blog is a little disjointed and slightly nonsensical, remember I am kind of sleep-blogging 🙂

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